My Crafts

I have made a new page were I list the steps to on how to make some of the crafts that I make make it


Here are some of the few things that I have made, I am also a artist check out my flicker 

Collar and lead made from recycled webbing and table cloth


Weather vain. It works!


I like to recycle things
I made this garden ornament, by using a old top of a fireplace and used pot create in a small book box to make it stand up. The words in Japan are garden. Garden is the name of my 4th steampunk book.


I made this bag from old curtains



I made these with scraps of material




I like to make signs, I have more signs on my allotments, were i grew all my veg. 12705632_1727544540793910_1560024105738113652_n

Below was a very horrid table which I painted to look nice. But it was way to big for my flat so now lives on my  allotment. I also grow flowers




I like to make cards from old wrapping paper.

There are a lot of fly’s in my garden and I don’t like them in my flat. I looked at bead curtains but they look cheep and nasty so I invited this.


I like to knit wire!

I had help making this bath sofa.

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I like to use up scraps
13241327_1749929598555404_4133575081932314515_n Made flower on coat13241409_1753455791536118_3625765932529324654_n 13245273_1751277955087235_937127225437339455_n You can carft anything! 13256187_1751597191721978_3535611501658481821_n 13256195_1752481898300174_579213787558735841_n 13256402_1750829671798730_1302094319630564630_n  13307202_1757946714420359_1618217391757954323_n 13307288_1757623521119345_8090186390281780234_n 13310369_1757870444427986_4029402678604255193_n  13332812_1757946764420354_8446671263936113439_n 13346864_1757620011119696_2088569521216825512_n 13423818_1760308070850890_8959892943674960154_n 13428001_1762326917315672_6912014873953860479_n 13434897_1762438190637878_3737241203117911055_n 13445475_1762326573982373_6374678157969466004_n


DIY  by Igarashi Mari – buy the book here 



Below are some photos which i made myself inspired by the DIY book and Mari’s craft work.