Making a short promotional slide show video on Facebook

Making a short promotional slide show video on Facebook with your own music or narration.

YouTube has taken its video creator application down and now you must use the music from their music list or make your slide show using software on your computer.

Facebook however allows you to make a short video and either add music via Facebook’s list or with your own music or narration. This is useful if you wish to promote something like your services or products. I write steampunk story’s, so I have made short promotional video, using images for my book Octopus Pirate and a voice over which I ordered from the website

To make your own promotional video, on your Facebook page-

Click in write a post. Write a few lines of text saying what the video is about. As mine is about my book, I just cut and pasted the text describing my story from Amazon

Click on photo/video tab and select create a slide show. Now you can add up to 10 images. By selecting add image and then using the + symbol to add more.

As your making the video from your page, it gives you the option to select the images that have already been posted on your page. Plus, you can add more from your computer.

Ones you are happy wit your selection, you can choice the speed that the images change. I selected 4 seconds, as this fitted perfectly with the length of my sound clip. You can choice between 0.5 seconds and 5 seconds.

Then click on the tab that says Music and you can upload from here. Ones uploaded click to play and check that your happy with the result before you publish.

My video can be seen on my page.