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Flash back to April 2015 Pitt Rivers

Pints and cocktail evening – Welcome Japanese Steampunk Artists

Tuesday, 9 July 2019 from 20:00-23:00

The porterhouse grill & rooms mill street oxford ox2 0al

Mari Igarashi (Miss. Steamer / Madam Steam) Famous Steampunk Artist and Writer is coming along with 6 other steampunk artists and writers from to Japan for a short two day tour of Oxford city.
Mari, who is not only an amazing steampunk artist, but has also written 13 steampunk craft books (some translated into English)
Her profile is here , Has expressed a desire to meet steampunk people who live in England.

Dress up in your dress up in your finery, enjoy a pint or a cocktail in a relaxing environment with friendly people in the steampunk themed The porterhouse grill & rooms, Oxford.
Lets give Mari and her friends a good old fashioned steampunk welcome!!!

Bit about my writing
my #allotment were my imagination grows along with the the vegetables. in my book Garden, which you can listen to free with a audible trail, a young girl discovers the power of a garden also.

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I am working on a new craft section of this site. check out the page

Welcome to my Blog – Jane

Octopus Pirate Free E Book Promotion

Saturday, December 1, to Wednesday, December 5, Scheduled




フォーマット: Kindle版

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I recently attended Conic con London with the Japanese writer and artist Kazworks and sold some of my books Garden.

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Thank You

I am enjoying taking photos on my phone – around Oxford City. follow my Instagram

This is my new dog Oak. She’s a black Labrador she is six months old and has lots of energy.


MY ART – about me

My name is Jane Yates I have painted all of my life. But stopped for a couple of years as my focus shifted to full time semi skilled work and growing vegetables on my allotment. However after accidentally cutting a tendon by moving glasses at my job in the John Lewis cafe. I could hardly do anything for a few weeks. Even opening a jar was impossible. When my hand started to recover, I started to paint again I was pleased to discover me such joy. In a way the accident was a blessing as it reminded me I was an artist and there’s more things in life than just working every hour you can. This is the first of a plan series of paintings of people with teapots. This is my daughter Emily Yates and the tea pot that she painted. I’m looking for all sorts of people to paint with there tea pots. I hope to have enough paintings to do in exhibition in Oxford city this year. So if you have a teapot that you love please send me a photo of you holding it. I only ask that you put a serious face in the photo like you are holding something of great value. Please follow and share this as I need all the encouragement I can muster to keep going as I am back to work at John Lewis place to eat today. #painting #portrate #teapot#acrylic #painter #paint #oneoff #originalartwork#original #originalart #janeyatesauthor #janeyates#janeyatesartist #oxford #oxfordcity #forthelove#madewithlove #tes #johnlewis #theplacetoeat #cafe#waitress #model #colours #english #england#wallpaper #serious #steampunkstyle #steam#steampunk #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #countrygirl #countryartist

 — at Osney Bridge.

3rd painting in my new serious. People with a tea pot. #tea #teapot #people #art #artist #painter#oxford #oxfordcity #janeyates #janeyatesauthor#janeyatesartist #english #flag #acrylics #girl#portrate #paint

Image may contain: 1 person

Brand new painting. Second in plan series of people with tea pots. This is a self Portrait. Looking for more people to paint. Pls send photos, i only ask that you do not smile. Tea is serious stuff. #selfportrait#acrylics #painting #painter #teapot #birds #lady#england #tea #painter #art #janeyates#janeyatesauthor #janeyatesartist #oxford — in River Thame.

Image may contain: 1 person

1st painting of people and tea pots

Image may contain: one or more people

‪I received a wonderful surprise this morning. @Karzworks who is an amazing #steampunk artist. Sent me these gifts through the post from Japan. It felt like christmas day again #gratitude ‬

I was very excited to receive my copy steampunk style 2 from Amazon. It features my friend Mari Igarashi as well as other fabulous arts like Yuta Sato, Tom Branwell and many more. #steampunk#steampunkstyle#igarashimari#art#crafts#orientallaboratory

So happy to have this beautiful calculator from my dear friend who is an awesome steampunk artist. Pictured here with my daughter Emily

Karzworks holding my book Garden on a Oxford visit December 2017. Me holding models that he kindly gave to me #gratitude

President of company . ㈱マーミット社長。嵯峨美大にてスチームパンク講義中。エコールドシモンで人形や怪物などを造形。アニメや映画の企画原作。サイバー&ディーゼルも。

My friends Abby and Kumi Models by Karzworks and drawing by Abby. Sunshine by Kumi


I am looking for a full time job in Oxford City centre, where I can bring immediate and strategic value and develop my current skill set further. I have a proven track record of working effectively as part of a team or working on my own initiative. I have a clean full driving licence. Available for interview on short notice, refences available on request.

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and get back to me – Jane Yates

Below is a image that I made by overlaying photos that I took.

My book Octopus Pirate




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jane ff

Reader Writer.

I love to make steampunk dressing up costumes. This is my latest one based on a magicians assistant

Thrilled to be in the leys news paper. The piece also talks about how I was featured BBC Oxford and Paula Vail show

I am very excited to be have been A guest on Paula Vail show

#gratitude To Paula Vail @PaulaWellness11
Rebel Meddlers In Your Face Replay
Host with the superb sugar and spice voice Radio star Rebel Meddler
I Made This For You x x
A free 30 minute long guided meditation to calming Reiki Music, showing the hand positions.
Mixing and editing by Douglas Coleman.

Replay of a show i was on The Douglas Coleman

Paradox child (3 Book Series) Kindle版 #Free #books UK USA JAPAN 続きを読む

#Gratitude write up about my audio book RELAX in Oxfordshire Local Paper

Paula Vail show

youtube ny times square banner pic.png

So very excited to share with you that I have been invited on Paula Vail show. Paula is Host of Why am I so Happy on BBS internet radio and For the Love of Reiki on Voice-America internet radio.

I have already had the opportunity to Skype with Paula, and she is so nice and easy to talk to. So I am sure it’s going to be an awesome show!

Paul has told me that the video says 11.5 million, but are shows are no up to 30 million listeners.

Mind Blowing and life changing. I am very #grateful for the opportunity to share my story about

Relax: Guided Meditation to Aid Sleep, After the Loss of a Beloved Dog.

Dates and times to follow, please watch this space x x

Win paperback Full Colour book and audio of RELAX Guided Meditation to Aid Sleep, After the Loss of a Beloved Dog.

Photo of

“Kirstie.chambers” from That’s Oxfordshire TV News


I have been on the news. free view channel 7 ”thats oxfordshire. ” 6pm 21/07/2017 about my audio relax. #tv #relax #janeyatesauthor #thatsoxfordtv#thatsoxfordshiretv #thatsoxford #oxford #oxfordcity 21/07/207

RELAX is a audio book that I have made to help you sleep after the loss of a beloved dog.

#gratitude Natalie of @BBCOxford made a short film for their Facebook Page about my RELAX audio. TY @DouglasColeman3 who did the music for the RELAX audio

I have made a Facebook page for sharing story’s off loss of a beloved Dog or Pet.

If you have any story’s please tag me in them.

Well done to and for winning my giveaway

LIVE RADIO! 7pm UK time this Tuesday

This Tuesday on IN YOUR FACE We will have two guests for you Jeremiah OuelletteIotueIotu and Jane Yates. Make sure to tune in at 2pm ET or get the app for W4CY radio. There is a chat room, log in with your Facebook account.

I’ve made a page for sharing friendship and storys of dogs who have passed. please will you share your story? x x x

With thanks To Garden is The #1 Children’s Steampunk Bestseller on Amazon 印刷の品質は大変素晴らしいです

Why I made the audio-book RELAX

Sleeping at night was the hard after the death of our beloved Springer Spaniel Mandy. Knowing that she was just a few feet away from me as I slept, had given me the greatest comfort and peace. Also, had become accustomed to her snoring which I had found relaxing.

It is normal to grieve after the loss of your dog. Dogs are much more than our pets. They are our companions and family.  A dog provides unconditional love and friendship.

I think more people live alone these days. Often Mandy was the only person I would talk to in the day, while I was going through periods of unemployment or not well.

Like most people, I did not feel able to go to their doctor after her death for help, there is no funeral and no ashes to scatter. She was simply not there and this made it this harder to find closure. My friends tried to be nice, ‘Get another Dog!’ they would say, but they did not understand that Mandy was so special, my best friend. All dogs have their own personality.

I don’t want to upset people and say its not as bad as losing a human. I myself have lost both parents, and found there was a lot of support for human loss. My family, friends, doctor, councillor, medication. People were willing to let me talk as much as I wanted about the loss after a human death.

But love is still love, and losing a love still hurts.

Mandy has been such a loyal friend and was irreplaceable. I felt it was important to take time out and rest to heal a very broken heart.

I  cried a lot.  I believe that when you cry, you release a small part of the sadness and something shifts inside your body that lets the energy start to flow again.

Being introduced to mediation as a why to help me cope with my recurring depression, and as a dyslexic were reading at times can be a bit of a struggle, I turned to the audio book section to see if i could find some sort of dog grief related  mediation to help me relax at night and get some sleep.

Not finding anything. I decided to make a audio to help other people who found themselves in the same situation.

Its only been published a short time, and  feed back I have been getting is ​good. One person, who did not even own a dog, but had problem’s sleeping, used the meditation to relax using the memory’s he had of a dog which lived near to him and he saw everyday. Using a memory’s from a childhood dog could also work.

Meditation is a hard skill to learn, your mind wonders and its very hard to focus. that is why doing the mediation with your dogs memory’s, gives you someone else to concentrate on, and you do not feel alone.

I really would like to share this story as I think so many people feel completely lost when they lose there four legged friend.

Here is the link to the


This is the first time I have made a audio-book. I have never liked reading aloud, having being so nevus at school I stuttered for a time.

My confidence grew from using the app Periscope talking about what I liked about Oxfords Museums and the Collages. Many people on periscope, said that I had a nice voice. At first i did not believe them, and even thought that they were taking the Mic. Then more and more people, especially Americans, said how nice my voice was, and so finally I believed them. So this recording is in part thanks to the periscope community.

Currently I am into digital art. I love to take images on my phone and then edit them using phone apps, and Photoshop. I have made all of the banner for this site. I have also written my own Photoshop training script and have trained fellow workers in the work place.

I am currently unemployed, but would love to get paid employment working in art or social media.

Although I have painted for most of my life I often don’t have photos. I am not a qualified artist but as a dyslexic I was encouraged by mother to draw. I did go to art school briefly but was asked to leave as the teacher said I was too much of an individual. I have given many of my paintings away, sometimes on mass. I also make art in places in the woodland, with natural materials that I find, and never record this, as I like the idea of somone else discovering it.

I have completed a series of paintings inspired by the poems of Oxford poet Sir John Wain. (I love poets and song writers.) click on my flicker link to see them.

Finally i have started to write again. I’ve starting back on Octopus Pirate book two, and have been surprised by much of the plot, (old age!). Although i am a bit distracted by the unexpected sunshine we are having here in Oxford England, and I wish i still had my dog Mandy to go for a walk to look for squirrels and marvel at daffodils.

For those of you have have read book one and wrote a review, thank you thank you.
Your kind words of encouragement have helped. For those who have read it and don’t like writing reviews, its OK, just one word and a few stars would be more than enough and might get another person to read it 🙂 it does all count!
Please write reviews for other indie writers, like Dan Thompson, Jack Croxall, Sharon Riley Sant and Jaimie Admans we will love you for it x x
 Check out my interview with author Nicole Saunders. 🌺 🌻 🌹 🌷 🌼

#Gratitude for her kind review of my book Garden.Review for Garden :Harness your imagination, grab your tissues, and dive into “Garden,” a charming Steampunk novel by Jane Yates.From its first scene, the story’s protagonist, Aberdeen Gale, drew me into her unique world of elegant spaceships, Guardian robots, and colorful characters. Aberdeen lives on a spaceship where children are “heard, but not seen”. Ignored by her parents and rejected by her peers, Aberdeen leads an isolated existence.However, when a deadly virus unexpectedly strikes Aberdeen’s spaceship, killing her parents and destroying the Guardian robot that raised her, her life is forever changed.She is sent to Earth to live with her only surviving relative, a grieving uncle with a tragic past.Angry, lost, and confused, Aberdeen struggles to adjust to life in her new home. With only her pet metal snake to comfort her, Aberdeen passes her days in despair as she fights to miss the parents she never really knew and the dependent existence to which she was accustomed.Enter Maisy, Aberdeen’s uncle’s jovial and patient housekeeper. Maisy treats Aberdeen with kindness, beguiling her with the fascinating tales she creates. Maisy also provides Aberdeen reprieve from her loneliness and the disapproving eye of Mrs. Merriweather, her uncle’s head housekeeper.Over time, Aberdeen learns to accept Maisy’s unconditional affection. In the process, the two form a deep and lasting friendship. Maisy introduces Aberdeen to Maisy’s brother, Peter, a quick-witted teenager with a knack for numbers. These three embark on a journey of discovery through Aberdeen’s new home. In the process, they find family, friendship, and adventure.

I found the characters in Garden engaging, relatable, and fascinating. In particular, I enjoyed witnessing Aberdeen’s transformation from an angry and spoiled youngster to a caring and independent young lady.While Garden is geared toward third to seventh graders, I, a 25-year-old adult, found the story fun, exciting, and relatable. Additionally, I enjoy the deft hand with which Jane handles the difficult topics of death, disability, and difference. Several of the main characters contend with one or all of these issues. The author treats each of the characters with respect, refusing to resort to stereotypes.Furthermore, I appreciated the author’s sense of imagery. She does not simply tell the reader what the characters are experiencing, she shows the reader. She transports the reader from this world into the world of the book. In the process, Jane brings an intergalactic tale down to earth.

Garden is a great book for any reader who enjoys a solid sci-fi story with heart, soul, and a little bit of magic.Nicole Saunders, author of Disposable

Look at this!
You can get Garden audio FREE!!! with a 30 day free trail at Audible. link here

Not only did i write a book about a Garden.…

but i am a qualified gardener who runs to allotments. I have just made over a new allotment.

here are some photos. before  first four photos and after, after!


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UK people win a paperback copy of my book Octopus Pirate #steampunk #timetravel

Yarn bombing #oxford #yarnbombingI was inspired by Sarah Lambert-Gates post of a yarn bomb on a tree to do another Yarn Bomb myself at Oxford City Train Station x x my misspent middle age!

Excited to be on a blog in Japan. And my book, Garden edited by Dan Thompson is also talked about.
translated using google translate
End of the century to 20 century Why do not you learn the beginning of Art and Design History . Only only three words to remember for the time being . The Arts and Crafts Movement , Art Nouveau , is Japonisme .
Watching cartoons , so we become a voice actor and the animation of Manet , I think I’m going to become to feel like a copy of a copy of a copy . A result , it would became more and more narrow width of the acting is .
Fumi Hirano ( voice actor )
歴史改変SFとしてのスチームパンクで大切なこと──私は「上手に嘘をつくこと」だと考えます。では上手な嘘とは何でしょうか? 上手な嘘は大半の真実に、適量の嘘を紛れ込ませたものです。19世紀末〜20世紀初頭の歴史的事件、科学、文化、芸術、風俗に、適度な空想を混ぜ込めばあら不思議、センス・オブ・ワンダーあふれるスチームパンクのできあがりです。
That you have to cherish in steam punk
The important thing in the steam punk as a historical modified SF ── I think ” well that lie .” Now what is a good lie ? Good lie in the majority of the truth , is what was funneled an appropriate amount of the lie . Historical events of the early 19th century to 20 century , science , culture , art , in customs , if Kome mix moderate fancy hey presto , is completion of the sense of wonder full of steam punk .
How to make a idea
For example, of the story . To ” never came to Japan , you’ve never met with the Japanese , though do not know that in Japan” people , is infested idea at all try to say consider the SF was to stage ── and Japan It will not come . Already some knowledge and ideas could do fusion in my brain , I do not only in a new combination .
Theory that the idea not only to a new combination of existing knowledge , are written in the great book ” How to make the idea ” that have been handed down also read more than 50 years . Thin book it , but become great hint to those who have a creative activities .
著者ジェームス W.ヤング
価格¥ 864(2016/08/31 13:02時点)
How to make a idea
Author James W. Young
Price ¥ 864 (2016/08/31 13:02 time )
Publication Date 1988/04/08
Sellers Rank 835 of
Paperback 102 pages
Publisher CCC Media House
声優の平野文さんがインタビューの中でおっしゃっている「コピーのコピーのコピー」にすぎないスチームパンクでは、せっかくのファッションや工作が泣いてしまいます。(少年役を女性声優が演じるという”常識”は野沢雅子が確立させた!? レジェンド声優の数々の伝説が明かされる。 – otoCoto)
If you try to do exactly the steam punk without knowledge , it will become a deterioration copy of steam punk someone is doing .
In the steam punk plain statement ‘s voice actor is not only a ” copy of a copy of a copy ” that is saying in an interview , it will crying pains of fashion and work . ( The boy role was ” common sense ” is to be established Masako Nozawa that played by female voice actor Legendary Legend voice actor is revealed -!?. OtoCoto)
Knowledge does not have sprung up , such as the idea is zero . First, have the existing information and knowledge , there to add their own original interpretation and fantasy , how much is good lie put in a limit Let’s say that the real thrill of steam punk .
Why design that important
今回のテーマはデザイン。なぜデザインが大切なのでしょうか? それはある時代のインテリアやファッション、商品は必ずその時代の最先端のデザインの影響を受けるからです。
The theme design . Why is it important design ? It is the era of interior and fashion , commodity is because always the influence of the state-of-the-art design of that era .
For example, please try to think of Apple ‘s products to be representative of the iPhone. Simple as possible , it is a simple design that stripped-down to the limit .
Not just Apple’s . Interior and you valuable white , black dress with a reduced as much as possible the decoration does not look like was no design ( design began to fashion minimalism ( the color and shape truncate design to the limit ) from and the 1980s from the 1960s design ) I was born at the end of the flow . Always to design there is a historical flow .
1 アーツ・アンド・クラフツ運動(Arts and Crafts Movement)
2 アール・ヌーヴォー(Art Nouveau)
3 ジャポニズム(Japonisme/Japonism)
Far for the future of human fancy the “machinery of realistic 2010s” will probably study a simple design for the first time. At the same our same as after a few hundred years is, in order to imagine a realistic steam punk mechanism of the end of the 19th century, you need to learn at that time prevalent design. If not can only thing of utter nonsense, do not put a good steam punk lie.
Only three of the keyword to remember is
Nonetheless, read hundreds of books and the book, so you can not quite in the through or ── that the school of design and. So as a starting point to learn about design in this article, only three will introduce an important keyword. For the time being is okay if you put three this in my head.
1 Arts and Crafts Movement (Arts and Crafts Movement)
2 ares Nouveau (Art Nouveau)
3 Japonisme (Japonisme / Japonism)
[Keyword 1] Arts and Crafts Movement
The first is was born in the UK in the second half of the 19th century , ” The Arts and Crafts Movement .” In the UK , which occurred the industrial revolution first in the world , low-cost products have been mass-produced by machine . But they were just bad goods a uniform .
Critic John Ruskin and poet designer William Morris , was caused revived the artistic handiwork of the good old days , tableware , furniture , the movement for to recover the beauty , such as clothing . It is the Arts and Crafts Movement .
William Morris wallpaper
Morris Marshall Faulkner William Morris was founded firm is the world’s first design firm that extruding the design on the whole surface . Interior and furniture , has created a variety of beautiful products, such as tableware .
The most famous would be wallpaper . Place the flowers decorative , infinitely repeating patterns work is a feature of the design of Morris . Morris or lecture in many places , such as the establishment of the old architecture Preservation Society , preached the ” importance to incorporate the beauty in life ” to the people of Victoria in the morning .
[ Keyword 2 ] Art Nouveau
Arts and Crafts had a big impact on the art movement of the then European . French Belle Epoque , such as Jugendstil in Germany , we own design in the European countries was born . Among them is the largest epidemic was of the ” Art Nouveau ” . This is The second keyword .
The Art Nouveau ” new (Nouveau), art (Art) ” is the French in the sense of , is also the art shop Maison de Lal Nouveau of the shop name , which opened in Paris in 1895 . Hector Guimard is the entrance of the subway in Paris is a typical Art Nouveau architecture .
Jewelry work of Rene Lalique
Art Nouveau design is characterized also said recoil from plants and organic curves based on insects , such as the soft and undulating women’s hair and body , inferior mass-produced by the industrial revolution .
The most famous Art Nouveau artists Once you have a raise only two people , one person Rene Lalique glass craftsman and jewelry designer . Inspired by the jewelry piece from butterflies and dragonflies also it has been traded at a high price in the modern .
Alphonse Mucha poster art
Another person is a painter Alphonse Mucha of Czechoslovakia . Rich hair swell in like a living creature , dress clinging to the body has been pulled out the feminine beauty to the fullest .
This era is also referred to as the golden age of poster art , posters professional writer and worked a lot . Once , but art was intended only of nobility and royalty in the very expensive , by Art Nouveau and poster art has blossomed , we common people also art has penetrated .
Steam ‘s products is the Art Nouveau design
As an aside , my fancy gadget maker and steam ‘s product , has been decorated with gold pattern of rounded flowers so completely covering the entire surface . This is because I thought , ” What if I am the company owner of the steam punk era , will surely be adopted at that time a state-of-the-art Art Nouveau design to the product .”
[ Keyword 3 ] Japonisme
さて、先ほどのミュシャのポスターをご覧になって気づかれたことはありますか? 太い輪郭で描かれた線画に、平面的な彩色がされています。これは伝統的な欧州の油絵の技法とは全く異なっています。その理由が3番目のキーワード「ジャポニズム」です。ジャポニズムは19世紀後半にアール・ヌーヴォーと相まって大流行した、日本美術ブームのことです。
Well , have you ever noticed seeing a poster of the previous Mucha ? The drawn line drawing by a bold outline , has been a planar coloring . This is quite different from the traditional European oil painting techniques . The reason is the third keyword ” Japonisme ” . Japonisme was coupled with rage and Art Nouveau in the late 19th century , is the Japanese art boom .
Mucha , Manet , Monet , Van Gogh’s Japonisme
Japan Ukiyo-e and Japanese crafts and the opening of the country has been exported in large quantities to overseas . Completely new technology and expressions never seen the people of Europe to it , drew the sensitive artists of attention to the state-of-the-art art .
Unique painting representation of Mucha is influenced from the dynamic composition and colors of ukiyo-e . Mucha is not the only . Manet , it has adopted Monet , the Impressionist such as Van Gogh painter also Japonisme to painting .
Be re-evaluated in Western culture is the Japanese art
Was a completely different evolution from the Western art Japan Hobby, Japonism is fused with a retrospective of Art Nouveau and the time the epidemic was exoticism , it has been enthusiastically received in Western society .
Or have been sold for a song hit in Japan , ukiyo-e , which had been used as wrapping paper of pottery , it is interesting because reflected in fresh in the eyes of Westerners . This Japonisme , it’s actually has penetrated To gradually even in steam punk world .
Pioneer · Natsuko ‘s Japanese steam punk
Speaking of the pioneers of Japanese steam punk in Japan , it is you know Natsuko ‘s (@NatsukoCoral). In long black hair , Kiririto cool eyes of the Japanese-style beauty . Such as kimono or your face Japan own clothing ornaments incorporate aggressively , it is represented a unique Japanese beauty . Often the photos are adopted in net news overseas , is a steam pan car as the representative of Japan .
To steam punk art of Japan
Frock coat in silk hat , boots is certainly nice in long dress . But try to incorporate the perfect fit kimono to the body type of Japanese fashion is about you? Tortoiseshell , lacquerware , Raden , parquet , papier-mache ── It is also interesting work using the craft techniques of Japan .
Photograph ‘s Natusko is , Mr. Photographer Rioru (@tokigakera), without the thorn ‘s (@TgNothingTgTg) has been taken .
Attention in Japan overseas steam bread car
試しに”Japanese Steampunk kimono”などのキーワードで画像検索してみてください。日本人では思いつかないような斬新なファッションをされている方々をたくさん見ることができます。
This flow of Japonisme , by no means only in Japan . Overseas steam bread car also , or you wore a kimono gown instead of the usual , with or using the Japanese umbrella and fan in the small , it seems people are many that have been entertaining Japanese steam punk .
Please try to image search with keywords such as “Japanese Steampunk kimono” to try . You can see a lot of people who have been a novel fashion so as not to think of the Japanese .
British steam punk writer · Jane ‘s kimono style
こちらは私の友人であり、英国オックスフォードでスチームパンク小説を執筆されているJane Yates 慈円(@JYparadoxchild)さん。以前Janeさんの記事にも書きましたが、彼女は小説の中に日本のモチーフを登場させるほどの、日本好き・日本通です。
書籍 『Garden』英国スチームパンク作家Janeさん
書籍 『Garden』英国スチームパンク作家Janeさん
私の英国のお友達Jane Yatesさんをご紹介。スチームパンク作家として活躍されているJaneさん。最新作の『Garden』は日本でも読まれているスチームパンク小説です。
2015-04-14 10:00
Here is my friend, Jane Yates diene has been writing a steam punk novel in the UK Oxford (@JYparadoxchild) ‘s. As I wrote in previous Jane’s article, she’s enough to appear the Japanese motif in the novel, is Japan like Japan through.
The book “Garden” British steam punk writer Jane’s
The book “Garden” British steam punk writer Jane’s
Introducing my British friends Jane Yates’s. Mr. Jane has been working as a steam punk writer. “Garden” of the latest work is a steam punk novel being read in Japan.
2015-04-14 10:00
Jane’s also love the Kimono. It has been swagger to Oxford city in kimono steam punk fashion like this. It will Irasshai dressed the kimono blouse style. Also decided corset of the band instead of the usual.
Neo Japonism to your art
19世紀末に起った芸術ムーブメント・ジャポニズムが21世紀にもまた新たな「ネオ・ジャポニズム」となって流行したらすごくワクワクしませんか? そのためにも私達日本人が積極的に、日本の絵画、工芸、文化を学んでスチームパンクと融合させていく必要があります。あなたのファッションや工作にぜひネオ・ジャポニズムを組み込んでみましょう。
Art Movement Japonism that happened in the late 19th century to the 21st century also does not have any really thrilled After epidemic become a new “neo-Japonisme”? To us Japanese people aggressively even for that, the Japanese painting, crafts, we need to be fused with steam punk learn the culture. Let us try to incorporate the neo-Japonisme in your fashion and work.
Let us take a look at the net and books
Or more, The Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau, I tried to briefly explain the Japonisme.
But this is not just the touch. If you have art that appeal to intuition, “This looks interesting!”, Or try searching by all means the net, let’s read the related books. Guests can enjoy a steam punk fashion, the production of steam punk goods, surely useful, for example, writing of steam punk novel.
Although I read a lot of books , be a ” design history when the picture ” is good After the increase the book easy to understand if only one book really . Guide you through one of the keywords in the spread 1 page .
Design History when painting
Design History when painting
Author Ishikawa Masaru , flare
Publication Date 2015/09/17
Sellers Rank 59,196 place
Kindle version of page
Publisher Em di NTT Corporation (MdN)
Lights and ideas Photo – Visual Hunt
Self-replicating Lagoudi Photo – Visual Hunt
steampunk attack Photo – Visual Hunt
Hector Guimard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Arts and Crafts movement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
René Lalique – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alphonse Mucha – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ジャポニスム – Wikipedia
少年役を女性声優が演じるという”常識”は野沢雅子が確立させた!? レジェンド声優の数々の伝説が明かされる。 – otoCoto
以上Visual Huntの画像利用規約、またはクリエイティブ・コモンズにもとづいて画像引用。写真の掲載を快諾してくださったNatsukoさん、Janeさんに感謝いたします。ありがとうございました!
The boy role was ” common sense ” is to be established Masako Nozawa that played by female voice actor ! ? Legendary Legend voice actor is revealed . – OtoCoto
Or more Visual Hunt of image Terms of Use or image quote based on the Creative Commons , . Natsuko ‘s who have readily agreed the publication of the photo , I would like to thank Jane ‘s . Thank you very much!
Steam Mrs.

Magic at Jesus College Oxford


Just after someone asks were Dumbledore is on this periscope of Jesus Collage,

as i am filming inside the chapel door,

a fairy fly’s past.

watch it here

I have been going around the colleges, looking at the grounds and the gardens, dinning halls and chapels.

This scope is Trinity College, oxford university

I have loaded the best visits up to YouTube, full list here


follow me on periscope for live visits

to see my Alice in wonderland scopes and the university colleges.

0020_Jane Yates

Are you on any of these sites?
cute duck

OK i have your attention with the cute duck – Now I want to share my dream with you

I bought the domain name


I have built a simple app which I am waiting for google play to OK. This is the second museum trail app that I built. I feel that I have improved on the first one.

I have made one trail for the Pitt Rivers a museum I used to work in and also volunteer as a guide for children.

My dream is to develop the app so that everyone can add there trails to it, I am aiming for the passionate museum people who love to share what they know about objects and share there fav museums.

I want the app to be both free and child friendly.

So please contact me if your interested or have any ideas to help build this dream


Read Garden or hear it on Audio Book
5 star rating
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Currently I am working towards setting up my own

business in the Oxford area.

It will be offering WordPress Training and site design

The new site for it is


Its Magic!!!

my book Garden inspires move star and jewelry maker to create an unique piece of artwork.

I was blown away when I was contacted by actor Paul Redfern.

Paul who has many roles on the big screen such as being one of the wizards in Harry Potter as well as smaller parts in the film Hugo, and TV shows and adverts. Contacted me after a fan of his individually one off pieces of jewelry purchased a brooch which was inspired by the character Mrs Merryweather sold to a fan of his.


Paul posted me a copy of Garden and his brooch so I could sign the book and pose for a photo to send to the lady who purchased them for her daughter birthday.

what was so nice was that the lady included a lovely personal letter which said she loved the book Garden as it showed dyslexia in a positive light as too of the characters were dyslexic. She also added that her daughter was dyslexic and had done very well for herself.

Garden a steampunk tale published by

Autumn Orchard is in your local library, and if the copys out please ask and they will get you it. Or you can download it here for £1.99…/B00PAYYK3E

or listen to the Audible version read by acclaimed actress Anna Parker Knolls for FREE with a free trail…/Chil…/Garden-Audiobook/B00WLB0TK2

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Photo below of Mandy my dog who is my biggest fan.


Octopus Pirate is live on Amazon – e version#steampunk

Paperback and hardback here

final cover 101 copy

Octopus タコ Pirate 海賊 book

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New Years with Actress @AnnaParkerNaple

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New review of Garden

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My 4th Book Garden  日本で人気  ,  人気のある

is Popular in Japan read a blog post here



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This photo was taken of me by my friend Eve of

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Please check out her website.

0048_Jane Yates


Listen to the audio version (contains audio extracts from the books) or read this blog. The choice is  yours.

If you like the sound of any of these audiobooks why not download one for free at: This promo code gets you a free 30 day trail of Audible including one free audiobook. Click here for more details.


I’ve recently completed work on a steampunk novel called ‘Garden’ written by dyslexic author Jane Yates.

The story has strong associations with the traditional book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, except this tale is interwoven with Steampunk, sci-fi and fantasy overtones.

The story starts with young girl Aberdeen and her home in space, above a perilous Earth suffering from Oxygen deprivation. We follow her journey back to the Motherland and see as she is thrown in at the deep end, under the uninterested Guardianship of her Uncle, left to wander his estate and home. During her time there, magic, science and technology play a significant part in the Earths recovery, as she grows and develops herself and discovers the most wonderful friendships.

Anna Parker-NaplesAnna Parker-Naples is a British Audiobook Narrator with 30 titles behind her, since she began narrating just 18 months ago, initially for the Royal National Institute for the Blind in the UK. She is a trained professional actress, having spent years touring theatre both nationally and internationally, and a successful commercial Voiceover Artist. Narrating is the best job in the world – Anna gets paid to read books, to tell the most wonderful stories and be all the parts all at once. An Actor’s Dream.

You can learn more about her work at or follow her on Twitter at @AnnaParkerNaple or FB

 Photo Taken at a Steampunk Event, In front of my book stand.
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!, 10 Mar. 2015

L. Griffiths Taylor (Worcester United Kingdom) – See all my reviews(REAL NAME)

This review is from: Garden (Paperback)
Garden is a lovely story full of simple pleasures like marmalade on toast and looking at daisies! Jane’s writing is straightforward and has an honesty of expression rarely seen in literature, which is an utter delight to read. It is a very accessible book, great for anyone with a younger reading age and is especially wonderful for any dyslexics as two of the characters Maisy and Peter are themselves dyslexic and illustrate very nicely the wonderful positives dyslexia brings! The story itself is joyous and kind, with lots of intrigue and excitement, I would recommend this book to anyone!

Garden Cover


A delightful retelling of the classic Secret Garden tale; only this one is Steam Punk, and Aberdeen,our child protagonist, does not come from the exotic far-flung corners of the globe, but rather,she is from the empty blackness of Space.Upon the death of her parents, Aberdeen is transported from her space-station home back to an Earth recovering from the deadly effects of destructive gamma rays, which have made the air toxic. Many people were killed or suffered from radiation poisoning. Aberdeen returns to a world made cold and uninviting. As in the Secret Garden, Aberdeen’s Uncle remains distant and absent for long periods of time. Aberdeen meets Maisy the ever-helpful maid. She also meets Mrs Merryweather, the overbearing housekeeper. There is a robot master-locksmith who can open any door, and there are many doors in her Uncles big mansion. To kill time, Aberdeen wanders the many halls of the building, up and down staircases, finding all sorts of curios things, and of course the boy Lenard, her sick and seemingly crippled cousin.

This may be a blighted world,but Yates instills hope for a brighter future in this her dystopian pastiche of the classic tale. Robotic gardeners tend to plants, and work tirelessly to erect and extend bio-domes over the Uncle’s estate in order to keep out the toxic air. We see an angry and spoiled Aberdeen blossom along with the a new-found Spring.

Garden has it all: secret codes, secret tunnels and rooms, and the secret garden. There are machines that run on steam, whirling cogs, and robotic dogs and birds.

I enjoyed Garden and recommend it to children and adults alike.

May Gee’s review Mar 10, 15

5 of 5 stars

Read from October 04, 2014 to March 10, 2015

Garden is a lovely story full of simple pleasures like marmalade on toast and looking at daisies! Jane’s writing is straightforward and has an honesty of expression rarely seen in literature, which is an utter delight to read. It is a very accessible book, great for anyone with a younger reading age and is especially wonderful for any dyslexics as two of the characters Maisy and Peter are themselves dyslexic and illustrate very nicely the wonderful positives dyslexia brings! The story itself is joyous and kind, with lots of intrigue and excitement, I would recommend this book to anyone!


All my books are easy to read so are Ideal for people who are studying. English

Also all my books are in the top 100 British Steampunk Chats


New review by Paige of Garden

I was surprised at how much I had in common with the main character, Aberdeen- we both have blue to our hair, we both own a snake, we both love dragons, and we’re both pretty terrified of flying. I’m about 90% sure this girl is my narrative twin, haha. I loved it.

Garden was a dazzling retelling of one of my beloved children’s books, and I felt Jane did a fantastic job of incorporating elements of science-fiction and steampunk into the story.

As a very-closet lover of steampunk, Garden was the first book I have read within this genre and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the whole genre is new, revolutionary and fresh; it adds a very much wanted spin to plain science-fiction novels.

Throughout reading, I was constantly amazed by the emotions I kept feeling. I wasn’t expecting to laugh as much as I did, or feel so much- well, what’s the opposite of Schadenfreude? Schadenfreude is finding joy from other people’s misfortune, but with Garden, I was finding joy from Aberdeen’s joy. Anti-Schadenfreude, perhaps?

Nevertheless, it made me incredibly happy. I particularly enjoyed the little crush Aberdeen seemed to develop upon Peter, it just made me go ‘awww’ repeatedly.

One thing I loved was Aberdeen’s reasoning behind her self-imposed isolation: ‘The environment was alien to her and befriending some stranger wouldn’t change that.’ A lot of people usually try to find themselves at ease by associating with large groups, but I don’t think that would be calming at all in Aberdeen’s situation. I was glad she stayed by herself.

But then of course, she met Maisy, and I was very glad- Maisy was a well-rounded character, who really opened up Aberdeen’s childish, snappy and bratty personality to a lovely, nice little girl. Not only that, but Maisy (along with her brother Peter) are portrayed as dyslexic, which added a very heart warming touch to the story- it was refreshing to see Maisy so proud of her dyslexia, and able to talk about it without shame or sadness.

Maisy’s story telling was fantastic, as well. Especially her first tale, the Dragon Story, made me snort and giggle with the ending. Dragon Story is not you’re typical fairy tale, which was brilliant, the sense of humour within this book is really something.

The aspects of planet Earth and the bio-domes was revitalising, giving the story both supernatural and science-fiction elements, presenting the world in near-dystopia.

Aberdeen, once she came out of her shell and became the nice little girl, was very amusing to read. She cared deeply for her new found friends, and her bout of mischievousness was interesting.

All of the characters within Garden had their own quirks; Mrs Merryweather, for example, was strict and horrid on the surface, but as the story continued she warmed up and even began smiling at the children.

I particularly loved the ring, it’s description was very beautiful. As was all of the robotic guardians and keepers, in particular Aaron, the garden bird. Though I think my favourite was by far the orrery.

For me, Garden was a fantastic read, and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do so. Thank you very much, Jane!

My favourite quote;

“And at that very moment, Aberdeen felt as if a soft warm glow of energy moved from the four sculptures in the garden and up towards the sky and out across the world, spreading into the furthest, darkest corners, giving every sick child hope and the will to live magically in their hearts.”

Star Rating: 5/5

New reviews of my books by book raiders




  • First published for paperback 2015 by Autumn Orchard
  • Text copyright © Jane Yates
  • Author photograph © Jane Yates
  • Chapter Illustrations © Jane Yates

I have a great interest in sci-fi. I also enjoy stories that feature Steampunk style, so one can imagine how I feel about the latest book Garden by the talented author Jane Yates.

The main character is Aberdeen. She is a child that is from a family that has no time for her, and they all live on an enormous spaceship. Essentially, the poor girl is being raised by her personal robot. She lives isolated from other children, for her mother told her they were lower than her in social class and hygiene, so she viewed the other children as inferior.

Her private school Aberdeen attended sent her back because of her unruly behaviour. That action resulted in Aberdeen staying in her room a lot and exclusively interacted with her personal robot that did everything for her. It even dressed her. Her mother was a socialite and felt throwing parties and associating with her socially high friends was far more important than tending to her poor, neglected daughter Aberdeen.

Aberdeen’s entire life has been spent in outer space in a large ship that housed many people and provided their every need. However, the Earth below them was not doing well environmentally for its atmosphere, specifically the ozone layer, was destroyed by a supernova and life as anyone knew it ceased to exist. The world changed completely. People had to build enormous domed environments to sustain a safe world to live until the atmosphere of the earth was safe to breathe again.

Unfortunately, life for Aberdeen was about to change, for some lunatic on board the ship she lived on released a virus and it killed nearly all the people on the ship including Aberdeen’s parents. She finds herself living on earth with her only surviving relative her uncle who lives in a sprawling manor home under a domed environment on earth, for the atmosphere is not breathable just yet.

Aberdeen is a wonderful character. She is not only a long-suffering one; she grows as she journeys through the pages of this marvellous book. She arrived on earth’s soil, devoid of social skills, lacking in friends or even what having a friend felt like. She had no idea how to help herself much less anyone else. As we read through her world, we become entranced in how she starts to evolve into far more than the girl that arrived. She becomes happy, she makes friends, learns to depend on herself and most of all brings a type of light into everyone’s life she meets. You might say she encourages the light to grow.

The characters start out cold in the domed world her uncle lives in. Mrs Merryweather, the lady that is in charge of Aberdeen and runs the staff, is a woman with a heavy shadow about her. We see her rarely crack any smile or even hint at one. Then there is Maisy, a warm girl that is a servant in the house and takes to Aberdeen fast. She is sad as well under the oppression of Merryweather and the darkness that appears to engulf the home in general.

The saddest character is Aberdeen’s cousin Lenard. He was a shut away convinced of his death. His world was dark and desperate. This until he met Aberdeen and the events that followed drew him from his dark, shrouded world into the light. I would say Lenard’s transformation was on par with a metamorphosis and how he shed his cocoon of despair.

Another character that was quite transforming for Aberdeen was Peter, Maisy’s adopted brother. He was a genius with technology and quantum physics. The reader has a treat in one of this bright boy’s inventions. Peter creates his own robots of all kinds. One of his splendid creations is a mechanical dog by the name of Frank. This dog was a fantastic touch to add, it was a character I fell in love. Most of its characteristics reminded me of K-9 from the science fiction Doctor Who one of my favourite series.

At the risk of giving away the entire plot, I shall stop here. I would highly recommend this marvellous book. Author Jane Yates has written a wonderful story of self-growth, courage and learning how to love. I enjoyed reading this book, as I believe anyone who enjoys a story that shows the experience of the joy of what it feels like to be loved and develop friendships. Excellent write.  Go and buy it! GARDEN

review of Paradox Child by Book Raiders

paradox child book 1


Read from January 30 to February 01, 2015
The Paradox Child: A review written by Book Raiders

This book is aimed at young readers approx. 12 years of age, however, don’t let that discourage you. I found it enjoyable. Author J. Yates’s key characters have a dynamic that moves the story along. It is fascinating how the author uses magic and science combined with ancient history as a catalyst.The little girl Lilly a curious twelve-year-old learnt more about her past when her mother disappeared.Her grandmother lives with them and is ill, so when Lilly’s mother doesn’t return one night she takes care of her. It is from her enchanting grandmother she learnt about her unique history, and the time travelling that encompasses her parents’ past. She is taught by her grandmother how to find her mother and bring her back.This story uses a time travel reminiscent of H. G. Wells, and I found that enchanting. There is a great interaction between Lilly and her grandmother, and as a reader who became deeply interested in the character, I found myself thinking about my grandmother as I read about her. She treats her granddaughter with much love that comes through very well.The author is clearly acquainted with the central museum this story revolves around, and her knowledge is expressed in a lovely sense throughout the book. I enjoyed reading about the history and the museum itself as well as other historical elements.There are areas of science and complex explanations, about relativity, time travel and black holes; however, that wove into the plot well. It did not distract me as the reader. Those particular subjects can be tedious to write about without losing the reader, but that did not happen with this book.

I think the story about her father was quaint and quite a hook for more speculation and exploration about her past. It adds a dimension and so many more possibilities. There is a witchcraft element running through the family that adds the mystery behind the plot. I think it accelerates and sets the characters in their unique places.I enjoyed the way the final chapter wrapped all the loose ends up and the mystery about that odd man hovering about her neighbourhood seen throughout the chapters. The situation with her mysterious friend Anna is developing very well. There appear to be parallels with Anna and her family and people from Lilly’s family’s past. The reference to my all-time favourite sci-fi series Doctor Who was an unexpected treat, as well as the mention of Tom Baker, my all-time favourite Doctor of them all. That was a lovely touch!I would recommend this charming book. The central character develops and embeds herself into your mind’s eye as you read. This reader gives it five stars. The Paradox Child is greatly creative and enjoyable.Also, you can purchase this book from Amazon HEREBook review of Paradox child book 2 this delightful sequel “Therianthropy” to the wonderfully enchanting first book: “Paradox Child” we see Lily and her friend Maggie still together through the Christmas holidays. Lily plans to take one of the two bracelets Jack gave her back in time. She wants Mr Pitt Rivers to catalogue it in order for her to travel back to the point Jack and company were swept away by the cloud phenomenon. She feels if she can make them not take the boat that led to their demise everything will be okay again. However, she is met with a large disappointment when she speaks to Mr. Rivers on her return to his timeline.I enjoyed the way Rose took her daughter and her friend through the museum, and they had such great fun together. The imagination of the girls at play amongst the artefacts in the museum was captivating. I could see them in every step. From their time at home with a comforting pot of tea and the spread of delectable foods accompanying it to the rich moments spent relaxing by the blazing hearth and the comfort of the dogs about them. All of it was homespun. That is a mark I really enjoy. The entire feel of the family interaction was lovely. The way the characters lay into the scene is warming.This book shows a lot of Mr. Rivers timeframe, and Lily gets to meet his son, and it is lovely the way she has a little attraction going with the boy Shawn from that time. It reminded me of her mother, and how she met a man from another time that ended up becoming Lily’s father.  This reflects Rose in Lily that is a good thing, for it helps with the believability of her character even more. That is a lovely bonus to an already greatly fleshed out character.One of the most surprising twists is when and where Lily finds Anna. I had the feeling Anna was happy. I found myself smiling as I read about her latest adventure in the old west.One of the saddest events that unfolded was the death of her dear dog. It made me cry to read about their poor, beloved pet’s demise.I liked that one of the biggest mysteries of the crow men has taken flight with the events that took place at the witches’ house and their legions of crows. It is nice to understand where they came from. However, the sister witches are not the least bit nice. They are the type of character you cheer for meeting a sticky end. Nevertheless, the mystery of their whereabouts is still at large for not all were destroyed. They were some strong characters. I could see each one well, and hated them equally.I think the adventurous side of Lily’s personality comes through loud and clear when she enjoys traveling by herself to see historical people. Her time in the old west was especially interesting. Also, the comment about the Kentucky fried chicken king Colonel Saunders was priceless. The time that Rose takes with her daughter is heartfelt and reminded me of my special times with my mother. I enjoyed reading about their little exploits. The characters in this story are very believable. It feels as if I know them at this point.Rose has so much love for her daughter and her daughter’s friends. It came through even more in a gallant way with this book. Rose and Lily are quite strong characters that you come to love. It is a great accomplishment of the author, when the characters in the book they have written stay with you through the day and night. I adore that aspect of a good book, and this one never fails to please in that area.The cliff-hanger about the boys is perfect! It leaves the reader wondering in a good way. Of course, I shall be reading the next book in this heart-warming series. I highly recommend this book by splendid author: Jane Yates.  This book as the one before is like reading about a real family with its quirks and marvellous love they all have for each other. Five stars and two thumbs up! Bravo!You can buy this lovely book HEREBook review by Book Raiders paradox child book 3 Image -- 26


Original Destination: Book #3 of The Paradox Child series. A Review

©copyright J Yates June 14th 2014 | YA fictional

In Jane Yates book “Original Destination” the third book in the series “Paradox Child”, we find Lily and Maggie along with Maggie’s grandmother traveling to the Scottish town of Banff to go to the hospital to see Jack and Jim. The boys mysteriously appeared after the ominous cloud accident on the boat at sea. A previous friendship between Lily and Jack has the opportunity to blossom even more through the pages of this story. Yet, Lily feels torn between Jack and another friend of hers from a different time from her time travels. His name is Shawn.

She likes him a lot as he does her. He falls into a sinister situation with three witches from his timeline. Lily learns about this dilemma and decides to rescue him in the past. She of course needs the time machine located in the Pitt Rivers Museum. Lily struggles with the witches and their personal assassins known as Crow-Men.

Lily is an adventurous girl with a big heart. I think these endearing qualities are what make me like her the most. There is a bit of turbulence between her and her best friend Maggie as for their friendship with the boys in their young lives. The pages of this lovely book describe the heartfelt plight of the girls for the boys, and when they are sad because of the direction their friendships turn here and there, the reader can feel it. They are easy to understand and quite likable.

I can say the same for the mother, Rose. Her heart was hurt by Lily’s father. After such an emotional upheaval, she closed her heart down to any relationship. It is through the pages of this story we see her passion revived, and she begins to feel alive in a sense as she felt once before. Any woman can relate to her plight. This is another endearing quality of her character. Rose is a warm, tender woman that is indeed likable, and one could see as a true friend. Lily carries the same character qualities and Maggie as well. I find all of them enchanting.

Original Destination allows the reader to see into Lily’s life as well as her friends in a more profound way. You feel a real sense of their emotions at play through the twists and turns their lives take them.

The ending of the book has a very interesting twist. As the reader, I certainly didn’t see it coming but, I appreciated it and found it gave a great way to tie up everything as well as leaving a window open for a possible fourth book. Especially the major twist with Anna! Read the books to find out! You shall not be disappointed!

Throughout this (and the previous books in the series) there’s much information about the Pitt Rivers Museum located in Oxford England. Author Jane Yates speaks authoritatively about the items found in this marvellous museum. She works there herself and is well acquainted with the contents of this magnificent place. Her knowledge of the artefacts and other items found in this museum comes across in the writing very well and makes it all that much more enjoyable. If you would like to learn more about this fantastic museum, CLICKHERE.

Do I recommend this book? Yes, indeed I do! To fully understand the book, I recommend reading all three of these lovely YA books written with the young reader in mind. They are a trio of heart-warming books with a strong tie to family that I cannot see anyone not enjoying.

Book Raiders!  Happily reading life one page at a time!


The value in joining Goodreads


I am a huge fan of the goodreads website JYates goodreads page I have a group also on there Paradox Child Group

I often get asked about setting up a page by other writers, so here is a blog post with hints and tips. If you find it helpul pls leave a comment at the end of the page. TY jane

For New Writers – The Value In Joining goodreads

If you are a new writer, and especially if you are an indie, the hardest part is to self-publicise your work.

There seems to be the assumption that to promote or recommend your own book is in some way bad form. However most indie authors have a limited budget so most, if not all, of their book promotion is done by self-promotion on social media sites.

One site that is particularly useful for this is goodreads. This is part of the Amazon group, is free to join site, and attracts both writers and readers.

It can be a bit of a confusing site, with an unhelpful layout. However, I have found several useful features on it that really help with self-promotion. For instance, there are groups that you can join, which have subjects that you are interested in. And you can create and moderate your own group.

My group is… This is a group for my series, The Paradox Child, and also moderated by Dan. Having a group means that I can talk about the ideas and the information in my books, and add photos of items that are displayed in the Pitt Rivers which are mentioned in the series. Best of all, I can email everyone in my group on mass in one hit, so I can share news of the books and any promotions.

Goodreads also tells you who has added, is reading, or has read your book; and shows their star rating review, if they have left one. It also allows you to contact your readers, giving a valuable connection, which often leads to pleasant exchanges. All in all, this feedback direct from your readers gives valuable insight, and in my case, the encouragement to keep writing.

Another useful feature is that when your book is first out you can offer some as a prize. This is both free for you to add your book, and free for people to enter to win it. I did this with my last book, Original Destination… In this case, 690 people entered: this not only means that people get to know about your book, but also that they have the option to add it to their to read list on goodreads.

This read list feature means you can list you book, or any that you like, to a list and this helps get you book out there for people who are interested in a particular genre. For example, a book with therianthropy (people who can turn into animals) can be added to the list here.…

If goodreads doesn’t already have list that you want you can make your own.

So even although it’s a bit of a fiddle navigating the site (at least initially), it’s definitely worth joining.

Please add me as a friend!



Edited by the marvellous Chis Keppie


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