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I love comics but find them quite hard to review, but here are my top five
💟 Review of Daredevil #133 with guest Uri Geller
💟 End’s Shadow Caste (Volume One) by Meghann Doyle
💟 Review of the Boston Metaphysical Society
Review of graphic novel Sherlock printed in Japanese (日本語) コミック
💟 Review of Constantine # 1 – DC Comic



Review of Daredevil Marvel No 113 with guest Uri Geller

Daredevil – man without fear.

The comics were first written over 50 years ago but Daredevil has a heart warming, gritty character that has grown in popularity over time, having being made into a popular tv series on Netflicks.

This episode is illustrated by Bob Brown Jim Mooney. I love the classic action stye of the drawings and striking colours.

It was published 1976 with Marv wolfman s writer and editor. This is Uri Geller’s only appearance and also features a full page spread with an interview with Marv saying how the issue came about. Uri already a marvel fan was happy to pose for a photo for the feature and also meet with Marv to discus the story.

Daredevil/Matt Murdock is typical super hero with a double life . A lawyer by day and an red clad super hero by night. He has a likeable character, blinded as a child by a toxic accident, which appears to have heightened his other senses.

‘’he dwells in eternal night- but the blackness is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures other men can not perceive.’‘

The story starts with a man who’s name we do not learn facing impending doom, shackled to a control panel. The Jester is holding him captive to get him to put out phony broadcasts showing the Kennedys living. The jester is shown to be a heartless person as he mindlessly blasts the man to death after he has fulfilled his usefulness to the evil plot and then jokes about it.

Meanwhile in complete contrast our hero is shown swinging though the air thinking about love, depicting his very human qualities.

Attorney Blake Tower introducers Uri to the Daredevil, and Uri bends an iron bar and tells his story of how he gained his powers from a white light as a child. He also tells him about mind wave (also the first appearance) who is Uri’s nemesis.
Daredevil springs into action by leaping off a building. Uri follows in a taxi and a battle ensues and you would expect good defeats evil but in super hero style.

I love the old comics as its not just the awesome stories and the fantastic art but also the interesting and funny adverts that are printed on the pages in-between. My favourite being, Get ‘’an atlas body in 7 days.’‘ spend only 15 minutes a day in with this 32 page fully illustrated book in the privacy of your on room, to look like a God! Love it.

“End’s Shadow Caste” Review
This is a graphic novel aimed at adults, but I feel that it would cross over to older teenagers.
It is a modern day fairy tale set in an extraordinary post apocalyptic world set in Western North America. The reality that the characters live in is directly affected by all of human life that went before it. Much of the written history in this new world has been lost however it appears to haunt the present. There is strong echoes of the past and references to it, but in a sense it is also devoid from the new world, which seems at points very separate, so much so that even the language has eroded and evolved.
The main character is a female, with several names, she is a skilled hunter and not only catches her pray but also can skin it and prepare the meat. She travels through the pages of this story with her friend/companion a red tailed hawk. Later she makes friends with a wolf. She appears fearless as all around her is death and fighting.
She is instantly likeable, and you are drawn into her world and carried along on her adventure. It reminds me how mundane my own world is, catching the bus going to work eating dinner in front of the TV. Where as in this world by comparison the characters in this modern day fairy tale seem more alive, perhaps because they are on the edge of death.
The story is large in that it appears to come off the page. This has been achieved by the skillful drawings that almost seem three dimensional in places.
My favorite drawing being the archer drawing back a bow so the edge of the arrow appears to come out of the page at you.
For a nice change the story is left mostly for the reader to interpret. It gives the reader a challenge and a chance to use their own imagination. I found it hugely enjoyable not to have every detail spelled out to me.
The illustrations are all hand drawn with ink and must have taken a very long time as the detail is poetic.
This, Meghann’s first book, is beautifully drawn and is breathtaking. She has clearly done a lot of research on Western North American history and people. At the back of her book there are a lot of website addresses and more information about the world history images she references throughout the book.
It has been a great experience to escape into another world through this book. I am looking forward to the next one. Volume two, “End’s Shadow Caste: In the Shadow of the Wind Walker” is set to release summer 2014. You can subscribe to Meghann’s blog at to stay informed and learn more about the creation of the “End’s Shadow Caste” series.


Review of the Boston Metaphysical Society


This is an award winning web comic of exceptionally high quality. Madeleine Holly-Rosing is the visionary writer and creator of this popular comic.

It is written in steampunk, science fiction and fantasy genre, and she has created a universe, which is both thrilling and exciting.

Emily Hu (Artist) is the artist, a graduate from the school of Visual Arts, New York City. Emily’s style is both unique and instantly recongnisable.

Gloria Caeli and Fahriza Kamaputra are the two Colorists. I love the way the comic both bold and muted way the comic is colored, is well suited to the steampunk style.

Troy Peteri and Shawn Aldridge are the letterers and they classic comic style of lettering styles adds to the mastery!

You can read this comic online at the above web address. Chapter one, starts right in at the action, In a forest outside Boston 1895, with two of the main characters, Samuel Hunter a x detective and Caitlin O’Sullivan who is medium and a ghost photographer. Net some sort creature, known to be a ‘’shifter’’ but one of them is injured in the conflict.
This series is a paranormal mystery with touches of Victorian history, that is full of detailed plots and interesting characters.

Granville T. Woods is perhaps the most interesting character as he is the steampunk weapons expert and go to guy.

I am new to reading these comics, but look forward to reading them all.

Boston Metaphysical society is published every Thursday Free online and there are crowd funded programs for the printed versions. So check them out and support them.


I can only describe the images and the quality of the publication, as I cannot read Japanese.
The publication can be bought on amazon Japan in book paper back and kindle formats.
Link to buy
The first thing I noticed is the high quality of the publication, which came with a colour fly cover and a cardboard printed cover.
Japanese publications are sometimes read from the back of the book forward, as in the case of this book. When you first open the book you are greeted by two double sided colour plates. Then you start on the story proper. Fan will be pleased to know that it is set in London, and there are familiar sites such as Big Ben, Baker Street, Taxis and phone boxes. All very British.
The drawing are a really impressive quality and very detailed, and look very much like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman who as I am sure you all know play Sherlock and Dr Watson in the acclaimed BBC TV show. Also drawn are Lestrade, Hudson and Mycroft.
It is an action packed story, with animated action scenes, such as running, shooting and fighting.
The angels of the drawing give them a 3D effect, as in the one drawing were John points a gun, which appears to come off the page.
The last pages show three drawings of Sherlock, John and Mycroft. There is no Moriarty in this addition, however it has many good reviews so I am sure there will be more in the series.
Really enjoyed it, very good value and would highly recommend it.


Constantine # 1 – DC Comic by Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes writers and Rendo Guedes Artist. (2013) first of an ongoing series.
I bought this comic as I am a fan of the Keanu Reeves Movie Constantine, as I had learnt that the film had been inspired by the comic character John Constantine. This is an all action film were are hero and his side kick battle with demons, preform exorcisms and battles the occult. If you also are a fan of the film then you will not be disappointed with the storyline of the comic. The character Constantine first appeared in ‘’swap thing’’ #37 (1983) and ‘’justice league dark’’ #1 and now in the all new series by DC ‘’The Hellblazer’’ #1 June 2015.
He has limited powers, detective skills, supernatural knowledge and some magic. Yet there is something highly evocative about the Constantine charter that is appealing and interesting.

The quality of this publication is high, glossy pages, full colour printing and very detailed art work. The drawing of the charters are remonstrant of a manga style, lightly detailed, fluid movement. Anguish and agony in their eyes. Super colourist’s and a cracking good cover.
The story is set in New York City John Constantine and his physic companion Chris are quickly drawn into a mystery to solve. After our smoking hero instructs Chris to mark out the destination on a globe the pair board a plane to Norway and the adventure begins. An air hostess is not what she seams attempts to kill Constantine and the pair both narrowly miss being poisoned.
However after dispensing with fake air hostess they arrive at their hotel in one piece. The hotel which is made out of ice and the pair head straight to the hotel chapel. Chris is troubled by the appearance of the sorcerer Sargon and Constantine has a difficult choice to make as the painfully magic binds Chris. A battle ensues, illustrated in beautiful drawings and Jaimini Sargent materialises blows a lot of things up and demands that Constantine surrenders and then.
The story is interesting I was slightly disappointed there was not more on the Cult group Cold Flame, however the wonderful illustrations make up for an gaps in the plot.
I am just starting out collecting comics and feel really pleased with this one, which you can get easily online second hand for a couple of pounds.