Applying for jobs on LinkedIn from a iPhone app using your CV

Easy steps to let you using your CV to apply for jobs on LinkedIn from a iPhone.

It is useful to be able to add your CV when you apply for jobs from your phone as not all of the jobs advertised on LinkedIn allow you to apply directly using your information that is stored on your LinkedIn profile.

Go to the settings on you iPhone

Scroll down until you get to General and click on Software Update, to make sure that you are running the latest version.
Return to settings, Log into your Apple ID, (Your name on the top of the page) this will automatically sign you into your iCloud
Click on the iCloud image

Scroll down until you see the LinkedIn Logo and make sure that the app is selected.
Next go to the App Store on your phone and search for Dropbox.

Click to download and open. Sign in with Google, using your email address. You have the option to upgrade, but for now select Continue with basic (2GB)

If you do not have the LinkedIn app, download this also.

Log in to Dropbox via your computer and select the Upload button. Upload your CV, creating a new file to store it in if necessary.
Log in to LinkedIn via your phone, on the task bar select jobs. Browse jobs, find one that like, click Apply. Choose Upload – Browse – Browse again -Locations – Dropbox personal (make sure that the sharing option is selected for Dropbox on your phone) – select your CV and Submit application . Good Luck