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I have been making and writing about making crafts for The Ley’s News  for many years now. I am sharing a few of my craft projects below. If you have a go at them, please contact me and share your photos 🙂

Shirt Angel

This is the time of year to collect lavender. (august) It is recommended that your lavender bush is at leased three years old. Its easy to collect, just gather handfuls into bunches and cut off. You can hang up the bunches in a dark cupboard to dry slowly, or you can make the most of a sunny day and lay out the lavender and dry in the sun, this takes one good day of sun shine to dry.I made a shirt angel for my interview shirt, interviews are very stressful and i thought a angel lavender bag would be a good idea, as it would make my shirt smell nice for the next interview and would hopefully help relax me. I love to recycle so used a pocket from an old pair of jeans for the body of the angel and then drew out a template on paper for the wings and head. I made an extra head out of the jeans.I sewed up the wings, leaving a small space to stuff lavender into them, i used a pencil to push the lavender into the head. Then sewed the pocket up, which was also stuffed with lavender. Attached the wings to the body and then sew the extra head on top of the head and wings. attached a piece of ribbon to the back top of its head. Then i ironed my interview shirt and hanged the angel inside it.
perfect! I am sure it will help as it smells divine.

Christmas pudding pom poms

Materials needed, wool and pom pom maker, red buttons, green felt. red ribbon . which can be bought online or in all craft shops.
open up the pom pom maker and wrap the white wool around the middle of one side until it is half full.fill the rest of the pom pom maker with brown wool.
cut around and tie ribbon firmly.
tread button onto the ribbon and then glue to leave shapes cut from the felt.

Save the planet

To make these versatile earrings you will need

Mod Podge glue £1.50 for small bottle – Hobby Craft

Blank earing studs £1 for 3 pairs – Hobby Craft

¾ Hole Punch £2 – Hobby Craft

Card board and magazine

Glue dots – Pound Shop

Clear nail varnish

Strong glue such as epoxy resin glue – Pound Shop

Piece of foam.

Cocktail sticks

First choose the image that you want to use for your earrings. If the image is not printed on cardboard, then you will need to make some card blanks with the whole punch.

To select the part of a magazine image that you would like to use, turn the hole punch upside down while inserting the paper and push down to cut a circle.

Use a glue dot to attach the magazine circle to the cardboard blank.

Stick the earing blanks to the middle of the circles and leave to dry.

Push the earrings into a piece of foam so that they are stable and flat.

Squeeze a generous amount of Mod Podge onto the earing and spread out using a cocktail stick.

Leave for at least 3 hours to dry clear. Then coat with a layer or two of clear nail vanish.

Dog Biscuits

They will woof down! these biscuits

I got the recipe of the internet for these dog biscuits.
4 oz of peanut butter

8oz of bread flour

1 egg
cook gas mark 4 until just brown
the cookie cutter cost £1.75 from the cake shop in the covered market Oxford City centre.
They smell wonderful and taste OK. My dog Mandy loved them.
To give as a gift you could place in a jar with a lid and add a nice label. You could also add the cookie cutter on some ribbon and hand write the recipe.

Jaz up a cat collar

Jaz up a pound shop cat collar for some festive fun.
You can buy two cat collars for one pound at the pound shop. There is such a large range of trimming that can be purchased at any sewing shop. I caught a bus to Abbingdon to buy these trimmings in Masons sewing shop. 
Carefully open out the cat collar and then cut two pieces of the trimming for each collar. You will need to attach the trimming in pieces as the cat collars need to be able to still be adjusted to fit the cat.
To make them look more of a gift I bought some small cardboard jewellery box’s , which are just the right size to display the collar’s, plus you can add a few catnip treats to the box’s to make the gift extra special. 

A garden gift basket

  Perfect for new homeowner a moving in present or for any occasion  If you have an old basket or all Cardboard box decorated this makes the perfect container for your gift  To make it organic eco-friendly slug repellent safe your old egg shells.  Wash and dry them in the even add some salt and rosemary to a jam-jar with the eggshells and shake well  If possible save seeds   From your plants and make more  envelopes out of bags and decorate them with the plant names  If you don’t have any plants to save seats don’t worry, there are so many seeds  on sale in shops many for good causes   Such as sweet pea or poppy’s By Mr Fothergills  with 25p from each packet going to the Royal Hospital Chelsea  Other nice things to put in your gift box of string by relatively cheaply from most hardware stores and small hand tools  Garden gloves are a must 


 I don’t nice things to put in a home-made hand creams or a jar of barfing salts  The more handmade it looks, the better.

Dog Toy

I made a rope toy out of old pair of jeans. Cut jeans into strips. Knot together to make three ropes. Tie at top, then plat and tie at bottom. Add a few extra knots along the length. Give to dog. #recycle

Decorate glasses

 I used Peblo glass paint 160. I used a blue transparent paint and a gold outlier. Both paints were bought at a local craft store

and were a reasonable price. The box of glasses cost £5, however you do not need to buy new glasses, check out your local charity shop.I hand painted the transparent blue paint and waited for it to dry.The i drew a Indian inspired design with the highlighter pen,

when you are happy with your design, leave to dry over night.

Next put into your oven and bake at 160c for 40 minutes. Let them go cold before you use the.They would be splendid for a dinner party, to impress your friends. Or ideal for a present for a hard to buy for person.

Cress eggs

 Carefully cut the top part of a boiled egg and wash the shell in warm soapy water and leave to dry.
I have found memory’s as a child of making cress heads and am pleased to see that the tradition is still going strong. But now you can buy minion cress seeds packs from a garden centre. they come with the seeds and a range of sticker to choice from. if your using this pack, paint your egg shell with yellow acrylic paint. It took 4 coats! dry in-between each coat of paint.The other egg shown in the photos is decorated with tiny bits of wool stuck on with double sided sticky tape. (We had the egg cup already, you might be able to get it online)next wet some cotton wool and put it inside the egg shell. . Put some cress seeds on the cotton wool and press them down gently. Put your egg shells or pot in a sunny, warm spot and watch them grow over the following days.Next the best part, cut the cress as if you are giving your cress head a hair cut and eat!enjoy

Small flower arrangement

 Giving a gift of flowers need not be expense. Home grown flowers often are received with more gratitude than shop bought ones as more thought has gone int the gift.If you have never tried arranging flowers before, i would recommend you give it ago. I took a margarine tub, washed and dried it then cut a piece of cloth and a ribbon to fit. These i attached with spray i soaked the florists oasis, a big block costs around a pound. first put the greenery in. then the flowers. if your stems are soft you can wind a bit of florists wire around them.but as this was a small arrangement the stems were short.enjoy, makes a nice gift for yourself 🙂

Window box

Making a decorative and practical window box can be easier than you think and is perfect fro those of us who live in a flat or have a tiny garden. A nice mixture of veg plant, flower or herbs can give hours of enjoyment as well as introduce children to gardening.

First measure your window sill and find a pot that fits. Many modern pots come with a self watering system which looks like a grid and keeps the soil away from a water reserve at the bottom.

However you can add watergel which aids in keeping the water in the potting compost for longer. Or you can add a water globe or get a drip feeder like this one which is made by Hozelock and allows you to attach a water bottle which can water the basket for days.

Choice a good compost such as Miracle-Gro multi-purpose compost which contains plant food and feeds your plants to make them last longer.

Next select your plants and arrange them by size.

I choice lettuce, a mild perfumed chilli, lobelia plants, marigolds, tomato plant and a petunia. The veg plants start at around £1.50 each and the packs of bedding plants are about £3.50.

Plant the taller plants at the back of the pot and then the shorter plants in-front.

Water them well and place on your window

Baby Book

  This is such a personal gift for a baby that you know, as you can make the images and text bespoke to the baby. Write your own story, use a permanent marker to write the words. Cut out felt shapes and work out what you want to use. The main part of the book is made of felt, which is 50p a sheet. Two sheets of felt make one page. This is so that the un-tidy sewing on the back of each page is hidden as the two un-tidy sides are sewn together. For a crackly sound for each page, sew a piece of plastic carrier bag in-between the pages. Blanket stitch is sewn around the edges to make it hold together and look nice. Pick material or ribbon, that does not fray. Be careful when sewing buttons or small parts on, as the baby could swallow them. If giving as a gift and you have sewn buttons, point them out to parent and say best not to leave the baby on its own with the book. Or only use felt.

Bird fat ball

Its so lovely to encourage birds into your garden. And you don’t need a very big garden or space to feed wild birds. I have had a family of sparrows visiting to my flat for two years now. And although i love sparrows i would like to attract a few other types of wild birds.  I googled how to do this and it said that offering other types of food such as nigar seed peanuts, sunflower seeds, and fat balls.  I have made my own fat balls using a block of lard 39p from Tesco, and handful of peanuts sultana’s, raisins and pealed sun flowers. I melted the lard and mixed well the other ingredients. I put it to set and spooned it out and squashed into a fat ball feeder.  I now have 6 bird feeders and tomorrow Im moving my bedroom around so hopefully when I get my feathered feeders i will be able to enjoy watching them while in bed sipping tea! Its the small pleasures that make life good.

Decopatch tray

I bought the cardboard decopatch tray from a craft shop it cost £3.  You can use any paper which you cut in strips to cover the inside of the tray. I stuck the paper down with pritt glue, only because i did not have any PVA glue. PVA glue would be better if you have some. 

I put old envelopes into cold water to sock the stamps off. They come of very easy.

I put an extra coat pf glue to seal the tray.

I painted the sides with pebeo paint but acrylic paint would be fine. 

This is a small tray, which would fit a phone and keys in it. And idea gift for valentines day for a man. 

Its always good to have you phone and keys in one place in your home. I waist time everyday looking for mine! 

Link to buy the tray


More ideas to follow

More ideas to follow

Home spa gift idea

Yogurt and banana and honey face mask. Mash one banana, Half a cup of yogurt and a dash of honey. Place on face only for 10 to 20 minutes then rinse off for wonderful skin. Epsom bath salt put in a old jam jar. Candle from #wilkos

Monopoly Christmas tree decorations

  Christmas craft use up leftover beads and game pieces from monopoly    You will need beads ,a poxy resin glue ,  thin wire ,  scissors or pliers   And a pack of washers.    Wearing gloves mix the glue. Glue one washer to a monopoly game peace.  Leave to dry      Cut length of wire    Fold in half as you need to use a double thickness of wire for the  Christmas ornaments  Attach  The monopoly piece halfway along the folded wire.  Add  The beads in a arrangement but you like    When you feel you have enough beads.  Wind the top of the wire around a pencil to Get a hoops shape and cut the surplus off   Hand on your tree and admire  or give as a gift to a friend

Potato print wrapping paper

This is a  simple craft that the whole family can get involved in

You need potatoes a knife to carve them some paint and a ceiling Roll of paper.  Any coloured paper will do, if you do not have ceiling roll. Try dark paper and silver or gold paint.  To start cut the potatoes in half.   Then carve out your design       Put some paint into a saucer.   Dip your caved shape and print.   Very satisfying

Decorate a phone cover

  A great gift idea is to personalise your loved ones phone cover.   I painted the phone covers using Pebeo Moon paint, which is available in craft stores, average price £2 pounds a pot.   You need to use gloves when applying this paint as it is very sticky. Take the cover of the phone, lay on old newspaper to protect the surface. Tip or paint blogs of paint randomly, leave to semi-set for 30 minutes.  Using a cocktail stick draw and swirl the paint about until you get a pattern that you are happy with.   Leave to dry over night.    


Seed Bird Feeders

Bird seed feeders are easy to make and make great gifts.
You will need,

4 mugs of bird seed
3/4 a mug of plain flour
1/2 a mug of warm water
1 packet of gelatin
3 Tablespoons of honey

some cookie cutters placed on grease proof paper
some string or ribbon to hand the feeders
some drinking straws cut into lengths

Measure the seed and flour into a mixing bowl and stir well.
Mix the gelatin power into the warm water and stir in the honey.

Put the mixture into the cookie cutters and film down well, make a small hole that the string will go through, and stick a piece of drinking straw into it to old it in place.

Leave to dry for at leased two days, in the fridge is best or a cool place.

Easter gift jars

This is a nice way to add value to a small Easter gift, as you can make each jar and fill them for less than two pounds each. Plus, the jars look so pretty, that they are sure to be put to some use after the sweets have been eaten.

Clean old jars, the best ones are the unusual shape ones, like the Indian sauce jars.

Cut around the jar lids leaving about 1cm extra so that you can fold over, then using some glue stick a blob onto the lid and dab the paper on to hold firm. Next cut inwards dab more glue and fold over.

 Cut of some strips of the same paper and glue around the centre of the jar to add interest. When dry fill your jars with sweets and screw the lid on.

Add a piece of ribbon for the final flourish.

Note . the bit I like best about making these was that all the sweets did not fit in the jar! So some left for me to eat 😊