How to make posters

Make awesome posters to impress your boss – for free!

First set the size

For A4 poster this is 2480 pixels x 3508 pixels

For A3 poster this is 3508 pixels x 4961 pixels

Click create a new design, and name it .

Next upload the images which you would like to use in your design. 

On the Elements Tab, select a grid by dragging and dropping it. 

This grid works like a place holder to put your images into. Its easy to resale it by using the arrows on the side of the element.

Go ahead and drop a few image place holders, resizing them to how you would like your layout to look.

Now the create part! You can add your own images which you have uploaded, or you can use some images from the extensive library, many of which are free to use on Canva.

You can change the images easily, just drag and drop another image on top.

To add a background. Click on the background option tab on the left. And drag and drop.

You can delete your images, select delete

or resize them, click on the corners and drag.

To reposition them, you drag them or for fine tuning use the arrow keys on your keypad.

Click on the text tab to add text, you have the same option’s as a word doc, size colour font.

Add you Text.

Then click the download button

Save to your file. You edit it more in Paint on your PC. (yes they still have that program😊)Report this

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