My Art

Currently I am into digital art. I love to take images on my phone and then edit them using phone apps, and Photoshop. I have made banner’s for this site. I have also written my own Photoshop training script and have trained fellow workers in the work place.

Although I have painted for most of my life I often don’t have photos of my art. I am not a qualified artist but as a dyslexic I was encouraged by mother to draw. I did go to art school briefly but was asked to leave as the teacher said I was too much of an individual. I have given many of my paintings away, sometimes on mass. I also make art in places in the woodland, with natural materials that I find, and never record this, as I like the idea of someone else discovering it.

I have completed a series of paintings inspired by the poems of Oxford poet Sir John Wain. (I love poets and song writers.) click on my flicker link to see them.

Thank You.