Increasing your followers and likes on Instagram by re-posting

Easy guide to increase your followers and likes on Instagram by re-posting using the app Regrann. Regrann is a free tool that can be downloaded from App Store. The good thing about this App is that it lets you re-post the original post, image, the words and the hashtags. I am using a iPhone, so the process might be slightly different for you if you are using a android phone.

First look on Instagram and find an image that you would like to share.


Then click on the three dots on the post. Select copy link from the drop-down menu.



Then open the Regrann App on your phone.

Wait a few seconds and your image should appear


Click on the re-post to Instagram option.

Open Instagram, Hold your finger don in the Caption area briefly until a bubble appears, then let go and select the paste option.


Click OK, then Share. And the original post will appear in your feed.


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