Follow #hashtags on Instagram

At times it seems that there are just so many people to follow on Instagram, and that it takes too much time to see all the posts, let alone read and like them.

And let’s be honest not everything that is posted by the people you follow, are things you are interested in or even like.

For myself I love photos of homemade cake, especially if the cake is tipping over slightly and the icing is dripping off the side, as it looks like the cakes been made with a lot of love and this makes me happy.

We are all unique and different, so to follow a subject you like follow the hashtag. (Instructions below).

In the search option on Instagram, (second icon from the left) type a # followed by what you’re interested in. for example #oxfrodcity 

The hashtags that you are following will show up at the top of your list of people you are following.

Don’t worry as you will not be inundated with posts if you pick a popular one, as Instagram will only show a few top posts for that tag. 

Plus if you find a post that you really love you can share it on your account with its original text. Click on my link to see how.

Most importantly, to get more followers it is important to reply to comments and interact with people.

If there is something that you would like to know about social media, message me and I will make a post about it.