RELAX is a audio book that I have made to help you sleep after the loss of a beloved dog.

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When we lose a much loved dog it is like losing a best friend or a member of our family. It can be heart-breaking. Life may seem like it will never be the same again. There could be a hole in our hearts that can’t be filled and you may find it difficult to sleep. Your beloved dog made you feel loved and secure, and now you could feel lost.

Losing your four-legged best friend is no trivial matter. The death can’t be brushed aside with life carrying on as if nothing had happened. Time is needed to heal. Learning to relax with sufficient, quality sleep at night is an important part of recovering.

It can be a great shock when your dog is no longer around. My audiobook will allow you to take a step back from the void, to relax, and spend some happy times with your dog using your own personal memories.

I will be taking you to a safe place in your mind where you will be able to reconnect. Then, by using my personal relaxation technique, you will be able to drift into a peaceful sleep. After a good night’s rest you should be able to cope and manage the loss when you are awake.

Being able to help yourself with the grief is a vital part of healing, but this audiobook is only a supplement treatment. I strongly recommend that, as well as using this audiobook, you should talk to your loved ones, or a doctor, about your loss. Do not be afraid to talk about your grief; remembering the good times, as well as the not so good, are all part of the healing process.

You are not alone. I made this audiobook for my daughter, Emily, and myself after the death of our beloved Springer Spaniel, Mandy. I am a level two Reiki Healer and have directed positive energy into my words.

I hope that you will be able to take comfort in my words and find peace to live your life to the fullest, while still being able to keep your precious memories of your dog alive in your heart.

©2017 Jane Yates (P)2017 Jane Yates

How to get my new audio book ‘Relax’ a guided meditation after the loss of a beloved dog.

Step by Step Instructions with screen shots below, showing how you can join audible and get my book for free and end your membership on the same day, keep the audio all without costing you a penny!

Go to your audible site




Click on big orange button.

Sign in with your Amazon account if you have one,

or sign up for a new account.

Click on the link for my audio book.

Download the free Audible app to start listening. Audio is best with headphones.

Then end your free trail and keep the audio, sign into your Audible account on the desktop site.

Hover your mouse over [Your Name] at the top of the screen.

Click on Account Details

Under Account Details, click on Cancel my membership.

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Thank you. Jane