Periscope Easy Guide

my most popular periscope ever!

#Periscope is simple to use and highly addictive.

There are YouTube’s at the bottom of the page. Learn by my mistakes. Learn how to get followers and answers to tech and general questions problems I figured out to share with you.

So here is my easy guide, listed in easy stages

  1. The Periscope app is free and owned by twitter and works on both smart and android phones.
  2. Download the app. warning if you are a collector of apps like me, you might want to delete a few unused ones off you phone first to free up some space. My App stopped working as my space was full!
  3. Sign in with twitter or your phone number.  I use with my twitter account @JYparadoxchild
    Twitter is free. (Warning twitter is also highly additive)It will use your existing twitter username, currently you cant change your periscope name once you have signed up.
    The app will automatically list all your contacts for you, ready for you to choose who to add.
  4. Click on app to open, you may need to sign into your Mobile Data if your Wi-Fi does not have a strong signal.
  5. The home page will open. This shows you if anyone you follow is streaming live. Also if you scroll down to the bottom of this page it shows you resent streams with a play button so that you can view them.
    Also once you have finished filming you stream will be shown here and you can view it, see who viewed it and follow them or block them (don’t be afraid to block people!).
  1. Swipe down to return to home page. The next Icon on the bottom of the screen is a world. Tap on this and you will see red dots, this is all the people using periscope at that moment. (I know so exciting!)
  2. Tap on a dot to watch and interact with the stream. To ‘like’ the stream tap on the screen and hearts will appear. The color of the hearts is dependent on the color that periscope gives you when you join the stream. In the corner of the screen will show how many people are interacting with the steam. You can also leave live messages. To exit hit the cross top right corner.
  1. The people icon in the far right bottom of the screen will let you see all the people that you follow on twitter who are on periscope and let you follow them back. They are listed in alphabetical order so are easy to follow. Once you start to follow people you will get notifications. In the top right hand corner there is a search icon. Click on that to find the people who you like. Here you can see who they are following and who are following them also.
  1. To Broadcast click on the third icon on the bottom of your screen. Tap the flashing arrow button to add your location, highlight the twitter symbol to share live.
  2. Name your stream. People will be scrolling though and if you have something interesting, informative or dead funny put that in the title!
    Don’t shot your feet, hold the phone still at the start and focus on something nice, a view of a dog, a cake, anything other than your feet as this will be the icon that’s saved next to your film.
    A red message bar will appear which says, ‘start broadcast.’ Click the red button when you’re ready.
  3. Breath…. this is a little scary at first!!! I think most first times streams are just people apologizing to you the viewer, that’s if they have any and asking themselves questions.
    Always talk at once, even if you have no live viewers,  as people on the play back will be puzzled why no one is talking?
    So relax and just be your wonderful self. You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to and don’t feel pressured to do so. Describe what you are doing on periscope.
    As you stay on you will see how many people are watching you. If they like what you’re doing they will heart it, but tapping the screen, which is cool. Well who does not like instant gratification!
  4. Say thank you if they leave nice comments or hearts, ignore them if they don’t. Your film will stay live for 24 hours or longer if you tick the option and download it to YouTube, so think about the people replying it.
  1. Flip the camera. Sadly you can only do this when you are already streaming, so pick a good subject, I choice my dog Mandy. Then start filming. Then slide the screen down, you will find the stop filming button in red, and to the right of that you will see an icon. Tap that to flip the camera. Yay! It works
  2. To stop filming. Scroll down the page and hit the red button, to stop film.
    Then you will get a read out of who was watching and you stats and likes.
  3. Do watch and interact with other peoples periscopes its  a good way to find nice people to join your community.
  4. If you find hard at first to think of what to periscope, here is a list some of my most popular scopes so far;
    Eating breakfast by an English river, throwing a stick for my dog Mandy, Train-spotting and feeding the birds.
  5. You are automatically assigned a webpage for your periscope account, just type and your user name into your web browser. Mine is jyparadoxchildI hope you found this useful? pls Follow me J.
    @Jyparadoxchild and visit my blog. Thank you Jane Yates #author

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*Note if you get a rude comment on periscope, you can just tap on the name of the sender and then their profile will show and you can block them.

💟 Periscope 1 YouTube Periscope Idiots Guide part 1 , easy start!
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💟 Periscope 6 YouTube Periscope Idiots Guide part 6, Idea’s for periscopes, making a periscope and saving it to your computer and YouTube.
💟 Periscope 7 Adding a “On Air” Button to your WordPress website.
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Periscope Idiots Guide part 1, easy start (this is a very simple youtube, just pointing out the buttons, so if you know that, then skip to guide number two)

Periscope Idiots Guide part 2 , simple way to avoid porn, find the hash tag and flip camera

Periscope Idiots Guide part 3 , Stop shooting your feet!

Periscope Idiots Guide part 4 , A unique opportunity to promote your self your book or product for free.

Periscope the idot’s guild 5, build a community.

Periscope the idot’s guild 6, periscope ideas, a craft periscope, saving it to your computer and publishing on YouTube.

Periscope Idiots Guide part 7, adding an on air button to a WordPress website. Written instructions under this YouTube.

To add a button to WordPress website

go to

put your username without the @ symbol and generate and copy the code.

I paste the code into word first so I can add some extra code. The extra code is to hide all the code apart from the button and it was showing up, plus make the text of the code the smallest size so it took up less room on my webpage.


Copy this all and then open your WordPress website page , go to




scroll down the page and click on add a “text widget”, cut and paste the code there.

Once you link is on your website, it will show red when you are on life. It also acts as a link and if you click on it, it will take you to your own periscope TV page where you or other viewers can watch yourself. (interesting there is a slight time delay)

These are answers to problems that I came across and figured out.

Problem = When looking at my profile on the periscope app, at first I the information about who I Followed and Followed me was not showing.
I discovered this was because the description under my username was to long.
Answer = I dated a few lines of my description and then I could view all the relevant information.

Problem = After I had finished a scope I was not able to play it back.
Answer = In The settings the Auto-save Broadcasts was not selected and showing as green.

Question = How do I access the comments on periscope? I saw comments come in while I was filming but can’t seem to access them when I’m done.

Answer = You can watch your resent periscope that you have made, upto 24 hours afterwards. If you go into periscope on your phone and on the landing page, the live boardcasts are listed at the top and the most resent ones are listed in order underneath them in the order they were made.
But if you can’t look then and yours has disappeared of the list when you go to look, do not worry. Go to your twitter account,go to you home, and school down you resent posts until you find the periscope you made. It will be listed here as periscope automatically posts to twitter, open you get live viewers via twitter also. Then you can click on the link and replay it, here is an example link
go to you home, and school down you resent posts until you find the periscope you made. It will be listed here as periscope automatically posts to twitter, open you get live viewers via twitter also. then you can click on the link and replay it, here is an example link Periscope Girl ‏@JYparadoxchild 1h1 hour ago
LIVE on #Periscope: #Oxford feeding pigeons on the way to work
(this link will have expired now, as only live for 24 hours, just used as an example)

Question = How do I get followers on my periscope?

Answer = If you follow people, some follow you back. Periscope makes it easy to find the people you follow in twitter as it lists them for you. Click on the fourth button along the bottom of your phone, (the icon with three people on) to view your list.
But the best way is to watch other peoples periscopes and interact with them. Then the person who is scoping will often recommend that they follow you.

Question = How do I take a screen shot of a periscope that I am watching?

Answer = If you are using a i phone hit the Home Button and Power Button at the same time. That will take a screen shot and it will save it to you camera roll on your phone, complete with any hearts or comments.

Question = How do you share a scope on Twitter and Facebook?

Answer = If you are watching a broadcast live or on the reply, then swipe the screen to the right and you will see the share icon. Note you need to have the twitter and Facebook apps on your phone already to see this option.

Question = Which setting best for live streaming  Wi-Fi or Mobile Data?

Answer = I have found Wi-Fi much better if it is available, however sometimes Mobile Data is all you can get. In my experience Mobile dater will sometimes make the images pixelulated.

Question = How can I change my username on periscope?

Answer = Currently you can not change your username on periscope, once you have signed up to it. You need to make a new twitter account and then rejoin periscope with the new name

Question = I love using Periscope but it drains my phone battery so quickly what can I do?

Answer = Buy a portable phone charger, you can buy one for under a tenner online or in shops.

Question = How can you stop trolls?

Answer = You can either click on there name and block them, or before you start your broadcast, select the “follow only mode” by highlighting the the third button along which is a speech bubble with a symbol of a person in it, situated above the large red, ‘start broadcast’ button.

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