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I am new Music Reviewing and should point out I am not a musician or singer. I have had no training in writing musical reviews, all thoughts are my own and I only write review for songs that I love.
🔈Angie Jean Promise
🔈Mos Bro Devils Lullaby
🔈David Britt Forgive Me Girl
🔈Sharon Lia Band Empty Castles
🔈Leroy Miller Integrity
🔈Douglas Coleman Give Me Something
🔈Joe Gande Can’t See My Life
🔈Airport Impressions Berlin
🔈Spyder-D I-Can’t-Wait-To-Rock-the-Mike
🔈Matt Steady The Green Man

Matt Steady – The Green Man

The Green Man is from the Echoes of Albion, it has a very traditional English county folk sound, mixed with blues and strong guitar music. Matts voice is gravelly and distinctive in a good way. The lady who sings the back-up vocals has a soft magical voice, and the two voices complement each other perfectly.

There is a range of musical instruments but the guitar rifts are my favourite.  There is a environmental message to this song, which makes it enchanting, and want to listen to it.

I had not come across Matt Steady,s music before he sent me a link via twitter. But I would love to watch him live as he has such passion and energy in his voice.

Check out his Green Man song here.

Joe Grande


Joe Gande

joecrown           “Can’t See My Life”

by Joe Gande Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer from New York, USA

“Can’t See My Life” is such a accomplished piece

Joe’s devilishly good mix of Rock and Blues in this song is extraordinarily breath taking. I am quite simply blown away with his talent and from hearing this song for the first time became an instant fan.
The song starts off with a simple drum beet and then a piano intro and the Joe’s vocals which are clear and precise.
His powerful and heart felt lyrics, like a lovers poem, unwittingly played with the strings in my heart and I can imagine how just about anyone would melt if they watched him performing this song live.
‘Can’t see my life,’ is a sad slow rock song about a break up, and we all know how painful those are! Brilliantly written and sang with a vocal range reminiscent of the quality of Freddy Mercury of the British band Queen.
There is a great variety of different instruments as backing music to this song, which have been carefully mixed and masterfully edited. I liked the keyboards, strings, drums, and the base guitar which simply sings.

There is a soulful softness to Joe’s vocal tones that adds strength but also a warmth and depth, and the sax at the end of the song is a impressive touch of genius.
Joe Gande is a gifted guitarist and singer I whole heartily recommend that you take some time to listen to his music he is going to be a huge star.

Follow Joe on Facebook and Twitter

Joe’s You Tube


Wow what a great song, it starts with awesome guitars followed by percussion drums. Then Douglas’s vocals which are mellow and sweet.
‘Give something,’ is a soft rock love song with a feel good catchy tune. Douglas sings the lead and also some of the backing vocals and plays the organ. There are two others singers and another musician who plays the drums and guitars. In one part in the song that is a short Guitar Solo and this is fabulous and balances the song well.
‘Give something,’ is about an un-equal love affair, were one person gives everything and then feels that they have to leave to save what’s left of the heart.
I can’t recommend this song enough. Even although the lyrics are quite sad, the tone of the song and the melody took me back to my youth to warm summer nights and making love in between the hay bales.
To hear the song click here (pls can I have links)


two-wedding-ring-with-two-birds ”Promise”

By Angie Jean, Vocalist, Composer founding member of the Swing, Jazz and Blues band Cranberry Flick. Nottingham UK.

 ”Promise” is pure British class.

There is a beautiful fresh innocents to Angie’s vocals that are both captivating and gently hypnotic.

I like how this love song is modestly accompanied by tuneful acoustic guitar, that adds to the countryside charm of the piece.

The song starts simply like a folk song and you are quickly drawn into the enjoyment of it by the superb poetic lyrics. This is a gem of a song, that lifted my spirits as I listened to it. I especially liked the rhythmic beat of the tambourine which had a 60’s feel to it.

Promise is a pure love song about a girl who feels she has met her soul mate and wants to make a vow that she will be his forever. It is charming and refreshing, as most love songs appear to be about break ups.

Defiantly recommend this song if you are going on a car journey with a special someone, as its the type of song to build romantic memory’s with.

Listen to Promise here

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93763-800x800r1-ED9‘Devil’s Lullaby.’

By the Mos. Bros. Twin brothers Will and Bobby, Vocalists, Songwriters and Musicians from North Carolina now reside in Nashville TN.

‘Devils Lullaby,’ a devilishly good song.

Lyrics by Will Mos. Music by Will Mos. /Bobby Mos.

An authentic alternative rock song sung from the heart. The core musical elements, to  ‘Devils Lullaby’ are vocal harmonies, guitar with an indie Americana alt- rock sound.

It starts with a nice clean introduction with simple guitars. Then the vocals kick in and your drawn quickly in to quite stunning harmonies.

This song has an additive quality it is a love/heart break song. It tells a story of an old flame, which the singer is a hoping to be rekindled. The lyrics are reflective, talking of past attitudes. It uses passionate persuasion and invites to play the devils lullaby. I love this whole story aspect of the song. These are great lyrics that have a warmth and beautiful human quality that key in to good listening.

With great backing drums with a unique electric guitar signature sound, it’s a rock song with a very original and unique sound which is quite magical. A nice rhythmic structure which has a good steady beat.

Love the chorus, which is sang powerfully but not over stated.

‘’Will you change your mind

Will you run and hide

Will you play the devils lullaby’’

The ‘Devils Lullaby,’ along with other Mos. Bros. songs I have heard, although modern has a vibe that resonates with the 1960’s.

I must have listened to this song 30 times and I just love it more and more, I am sure it will be a huge hit.

Also I recommend you listen to this song in its simplest form on youtube,

As the Mos. Bros. give a lovely rendition and you are invited into the living room to view it. Quite charming, this shows how well they play live.

I hope one day to see them play live, if you are lucky enough to live in an area near one of there shows, check it out as you won’t be disappointed. Their music is awesome stuff.

Please buy it and support them. Only a dollar

All their music can be found at
Twitter @mosbrosmusic


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🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈 🔈

het“Forgive Me Girl”

by David Britt Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer from Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Forgive Me Girl” Dang its a good song!

There is a beautiful heart warming simplicity to David music which is county to the core. The emotional harmonies accompanying the mandolin and acoustic guitar create magical mix that is sure to get you feet tapping.
In fact all of David’s songs are so skilfully catchy that I find I wake up singing them in my head, which is by far the best way to start the day!
“Forgive Me Girl” is form his new album “Country Flow” The song is about a old flame getting back in touch when perhaps the wounds have not yet had time to heal.
The lyrics are clearly sang but with that amazing soft but strong American country voice that conveys such eloquent warmth.
David has such pure talent making his songs both fresh and original. I am sure that he is destined to become a big star.

Buy this very fine album from this immensely talented artist now and carve your self a slice of Americana!  

Listen to “Forgive Me Girl”

I just have to finish by saying David sure can dance. Please check out this you tube! David Britt – “Country Flow”

The new album by David Britt “Country Flow” available on iTunes, Amazon, XBOX Music, Google Music, FYE, Target and more!

Signed by Spectra Records



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castle”Empty Castles”

By: Sharon Lia Band USA. Sharon is the lead vocalist and songwriter for this song and also plays the piano. The other members of the band are self-taught guitarist Rick Jannotti and drummer Howie Fallon.

‘Empty Castles is full of beauty’

The introduction to the song is electronic music which leads into clean lines of piano and Sharon’s vocals. the electronic  background music is played throughout most of the song but is played loader in-between the verses which adds a nice effect and fits nicely with the piano.

Sharon’s singing voice is superb, you are enchanted from the first note she sings and the musical accompaniment is a art form and is sure to put a smile on your face and brighten your dullest days.
This is an original music score which Sharon wrote and  sings powerfully but not forcefully in this classic form. Sharon’s clear and precise lyrics have outstanding warmth and depth. She can hit the high notes and hold them for a  incredibly long time.
Sharon has been compared to many singers but to me she sounds like Kate Bush but of course has her own individuality.

The song is about a queen in a castle who does not want to be married and to be a queen some day. She has to show strength and play the game strategically to maintain her own personal power. It is a sad song for life should not be lived with such unceasing calculation.
However the lyrics in the chorus of the song she admits she’s lonely but says she fine and confirms this her choice.

I would encourage you all to watch Sharon sing this song on the youtube link below as She sings with such energy. I like the way and the song ends on a few lines of electronic music.

Sharon is one of Lady Lakes artists. LadyLake PR @LadyLakeMusic

Find Sharon on Twitter Sharon Lia @Sharonlia

Find Sharon on Facebook

Sharon is currently ranked number #1 on Reverbnation
you can listen to ‘Empty Castles’ along with the bands other songs here
The bands website is
Music on I tunes



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Integrity                   “Integrity”

By: Leroy Miller Vocalist and Guitarist from Los Angeles.

It was hard to pick just one song of Leroy’s as all of his work rocks, but  “Integrity” is just so perfect, clever lyrics with a catchy tune and some mind blowing guitar playing.

This is a classic rock song, which has a strong intro that leads into some awesome vocals. The lyrics are clearly and powerfully sang, Leroy has great range and depth to his voice and he sings in a masterful way.
The song has some great guitar riffs which is backed by FAB drums.

Just love the lyrics, here is the start of them
I was tied to your ball and chain
living in your house of pain
until one day i woke up and said
I’ve had enough and i never looked back again
I’ve got integrity
it ant going to change
and the way that I live my life
will never be the same

Leroy is a born entertainer and his vocal performance in this song goes far beyond just singing, its pure happiness and entertainment.
There is real quality to the production of this track, crystal clear sound that rocks you to the core.
Leroy is a versatile artist who has toured the world and worked on many recording’s for famous bands, TV and films. He is a talented and brilliant musician who will continue to take the world by storm and is sure to be extremely successful.
I have be blown away by this song which has made me an instant fan.

listen to the song here integrity

Please check out the links below and follow and support this passionate musician.

website –


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”Berlin” by
Airport Impressions



Airport Impressions is a fresh sounding band of four very cool looking bearded men, who’s originate from Malta and who’s music is rooted in Irish Folk, County and Rock.
There is so much to choice from this very talented band. But my favorite ‘Berlin’ from their Latest album Mariette. I am not alone in liking this song the best as it was winner FIRST PLACE in the prestigious Unsigned Only/ISC competition in 2014
whistle1I love the whistling intro, people don’t whistling as much these days.

The band was started with duo Errol Sammut and Johann Schembri’s and then joined by bassist Chris Curmi and drummer Steve Farrugia’s to create a might fine sound. There vocals harmonize in a pleasing way.

This is catchy song i was singing it at work all day!!

Wonderful poetic lyrics
Link to YouTube
The bands website

I would recommend you check out some of their other songs also as there awesome.
There You Tube Channel 


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Spyder D.


DJ Doc – I can’t Wait (To Rock The Mike) – Authentic American Music

I am really happy to share with you some music by Spyder D who is a natural performer with pure talent.

Spyder D feat. DJ Doc – I can’t Wait (To Rock The Mike) is a classic rap song that made me smile and dance as soon as played it, making me an instant fan of his. With a high retro happiness flow to this song has the 80’s on fire. Spyder D’s strong masculine voice produces lyrics that are clear, precise and perfectly in time with the beat.

As a player of vinyl records myself i would love to own a copy of this single, but was delighted to find it on YouTube.

‘I can’t wait, ‘ has awesome Lyrics which are performed with breathtaking skill. Spider D manages to include difficult words in his songs like  ‘procrastinate,’ (and ‘supercalifragilistic,’ * in a later song) in an unfaltering smoothness. Full of meaning this heartfelt performance which is backed up with the traditional 80’s musical instruments such as the keyboard which complement without overwhelming the real focus of the song which is Spyder D rhythmic voice.

You will be pleased to hear that Spyder D is still going strong, check out his latest songs on his website were you can hear his critically acclaimed song, ‘I hate being Black.’ were his voice is so powerful and the back up track is so well mixed I got goosebumps of the good type!

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