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I like to do reviews for my friends and people who I admire. May I introduce my Friend 友達 五十嵐 麻理 Mari
五十嵐 麻理 Mari @IgarashiMari


Mari has a brand New Website out!! it is Awesome
please check it out!!
she has been kind enough to list my book Garden on it 🙂 #gratitude

Mari has written many books about Steampunk スチームパンク and other subjects. She is a good artist, writer and crafts person. She is knowledgeable about many things.  All of Mari’s books are written in Japanese. However her book Steampunk style is available in English on Amazon.



It is a beautiful book and I enjoy owning it, look at book reviews link here my five star review of steampunk style to see what i have writer about it.

Steampunk style two is available to pre-order here

Steampunk-Style-Vol 2

We met on Twitter and have become good friends as we both like the same things.

We both like steampunk and to dress up. I liked Mari’s costume of Commander Franky Cook,


from the film, ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.’



We have so much in common. We are both Tom Boys. We can both ride motorbikes and fly.

here is a youtube of Mari

Kumejima Okinawa Japan Tandem paragliding Flight

Mari has taught me many words in

Which I had been getting wrong before. My favourites are

スチームパンク Steampunk
友達 Friend
Beautiful! 美しい! I love it!大好き!

I have to use google translate to change English words into Japanese, and it is not always very good. Every day I learn something new and interesting from Mari’s blog.

And she told me about twitter logs, here is hers
and here is mine

Mari kindly sent me some of her books and also my name. i was very excited as when the package came it had many beautiful stamps on it. I saved the stamps to show my daughter Emily when she came back from university and then I stuck them around the image.
Marie Gave me a copy of her new sewing book. I have not made anything from it yet, but I Love the style


some of Mari’s books




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