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I do like audio books I have reviewed the ones I liked.

🔈 Audio Book Review Hatred. Hidden. Story by Dan C. Thompson.Narrated by Sean Tivenan
🔈 Audio Book Review of Here Lies Love Dan Thompson
🔈 Audio Book Review of Ana’s Trial by Dan Thompson
🔈 Review of Audio book, The Power of One written by Bryce Courtenay, Narrated by Humphrey Bower
🔈 Audio Book Review ‘Black Hill Farm’ Written by: Tim O’Rourke
🔈 Audio Review The Maze Runner Written by: James Dashner Narrated by: Mark Deakins
🔈 Audio Review of Baba Yaga’s Daughter and Other Stories of the Old Races
🔈 Audio Book Review of ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ Author: Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling)
🔈 Audio Book Review of After Eden
🔈 Audio Book Review The Last Sherlock Holmes Story Unabridged
🔈 Audio Book Review Amok written by Sebastian Fitzek
Audio Review, A Night in with Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday
🔈 Audio Review, ‘Mindfulness’ Written by: Mark Williams, Danny Penman
🔈 Audio book review Mind Calm Meditations: Written and narrated by: Sandy C Newbigging
🔈 Review of Audio Book Shallow Waters: Hannah Robbins, Book 1 By Rebecca Bradley
🔈 Review of audio book, Summer at Rose Island: A Perfect Feel-Good Summer Romance: White Cliff Bay, Book 3 Written by: Holly Martin Narrated by: Emma Newman
🔈 Review of audio book,Soul Numbers: Decipher the Messages from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life. By Michele Arbeau, narrated by the author.

🔈 Review of audio book, Buddhify: Whole – a Meditation for Going to Sleep. By Buddhify, narrated by the Buddhify.

🔈 Review of audio book, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear into Faith – Gabrielle Bernstein (Author, Narrator), Hay House (Publisher)


The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear into Faith – Gabrielle Bernstein


The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear into Faith – Gabrielle Bernstein

You might not think that an young American lady’s life would have anything to do with me a mid fifty’s woman living in England? Or you? were ever you are in the world for that matter. But you would be wrong!

I know these days that the audio market if flooded with self help guides, and there is just not enough time or money to listen to them all. But I am sending you a heart felt message, listen to this audio book if you are struggling with a personal problem. I am personally recommending it because it helped me.

I was having some personal distress from a local woman, I had no control over the situation and found that I was very stressed and not sleeping. I slipped into my normal pattern were, part of me was angry and defensive, part of me was very sad, most of me felt out of control as to how to handle this situation. It seamed to be fated that at this time, I was listening to , the universe has your back, and came upon the chapter that talked about holding love over a troubling situation and also to meet people who have caused you upset, as if you are seeing them for the first time, and to see yourself in other people. But most importantly to relise your fears to the universe and to know with clarity that healing was happening. All new concepts for me. I gave it a go, inspired by Gabrielle’s lovely story’s and frank and honest accounts of how she found peace in her life with her knowledge that the universe has your back.

I am happy to say that in this case It Worked! the situation was healed by love. Gabrielle’s message that we are all the same and connected resonated through my being and helped me to hold faith that the problem would be healed. #gratitude

Gabrielle’s states that holding onto our resistance to love is what keeps us in the dark. When we are happy we find it hard to let go of the negative patterns that have been a part of our life. Gabrielle’s explains that this is because we are used to are fear based ways, they feel natural and normal to us. This book puts you on the path to connect to your inner self and connect to the universe and lets you forgive yourself for the resistance to being happy. There are exercises and prayers to help you give up your worry and find the right path to happiness and peace.

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At the time of writing this, this audio book is free from Audible

This is only 8 mins long, however it is quite powerful for it calming effect. It also and great when you don’t have enough time and need a quick fix.
I have found it most useful for my 7 month old lab puppy, she has quite a few behavioural problems. I find if i put this on and sit with her, stoke her fur she calms down and is better behaved afterwards.
I am not an expert but i believe that it could help children who are stressed or people with learning disability’s.
I am a fan of mediation audio books. it is hard to shut the chatter out of your mind. I found this helpful,

For more info on Buddihify, please go to their website



Ana’s Trial: A Fantasy Short Story Audio Download – Unabridged

Ana's Trial: A Fantasy Short Story by [Thompson, Dan. C]

“A triumph “

This is a hugely enjoyable listen by my favorite writer Dan Thompson. The heroine Anna is beautifully and colorfully worded, and the story is both insightful and captivating.
The Narrators voice is tuneful and clear and she adds depth to the adventure.

I loved all the pre-history of Egyptian history. Dan describes all the sights and smells that Anna encounters. I liked the clever story line and the interaction between Anna’s father, and how I felt that I was finding out about Anna’s mother at the same time as she was.

Barbra’s voice, in which she read both the characters well, male/female was very life like.
I have not heard any other of her performances but this was a great introduction to showcasing her talent.

I would recommend that you check out Dan’ other work, as he very talented.


Hatred. Hidden. Story by Dan C. Thompson
Narrated by Sean Tivenan
Superbly read chilling tale

Again we are treated to gem of a story by Dan Thompson.
Hatred. Hidden which is, but taken from an unusual angle that will have you on the edge of your seat in this Psychological Short Story.
Sean Tivenan i a superb narrator and is equally able to portray the male and female characters skilfully and with pure conviction. This is the first time I have come across Sean but will be defiantly be listening to other books that he has narrated.
I like the way the main character Mark, is shown as a multifaceted man, who has a deep rooted fear and hatred, but who is able to appears to be the perfect husband and lover.
The scene i enjoyed the most was when Mark was in the restaurant. Dan slowly builds the tension, until i could feel the goose bumps prickle on my skin. Chilling stuff!!!
A really enjoyable listen of first class quality. If you like Psychological Short Stories, you will not be disappointed.
Also the cover is FAB!

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Review of Audio book, The Power of One written by Bryce Courtenay, Narrated by Humphrey Bower.

This has been both a Hard and Easy review to write. The Power of one is a wonderful autobiographical novel which has been made into a fantastic audio book. Astonishingly this was Bryce Courtenay debut novel. Humphrey Bower is both experienced and gifted narrator and the perfect pick as he is able to pull off a convincing South African accent.
Hard to write up as it has so many powerful, tender and tantalising elements and so it would take too long to list them because they all hold real and cultural relevance. As with all good books which have a strong human element, each reader draws from their own life experiences to relate with the story. The richness of the main character PK whose we meet at a tender age and go on to experience though his thoughts, all his life with its joy, muddles and harshness. The story is set against the dramatic back drop of Africa at a historically rich time.
The wealth of this very personal and at time humorous while being startling graphic book, will have something in it that will not fail to touch even the hardest of hearts. As for myself the telling of the bond of friendship between the five year old PK and his chicken, Grandpa Chuck, hit the most me with stiff resonance. This was because I was midway through the audio book at the time I had heard about my dear old springer spaniel Mandy, fatal illness. Bryce writes superbly throughout the book but this connection with his unusual animal friend, the love and respected trust with his chicken hit me the hardest because of my best friend Mandy. PK’s other friendships of the human kind were each different and thought provoking and described in skilful detail, that I felt as if I had had known, loved, grieved or feared them. As each of them where introduced into the thick of the story and at times had left, sometimes abruptly! I was span though a range of emotions, catching my breath with sadness, peace or fear. It would be hard to pick out the best of them as they are all best! Even the baddies as they made the goodies appear more courageous and strong hearted, and so the story would not have been the same without them.
Easy to praise this audio book as not only the writing of this story is superb but the narration by Humphy Bower, who’s expressive warm voice transcends the normal narrator with his rich repertoire he narrates the characters with a ‘pull all the stops out’ experience. The sheer spender at which he brings to life the delicacy and rawness of each of the marvellously complete characters and soulfully describes breathtakingly beautiful scenery with jaw dropping emphasis.
So much of the landscape of Africa is written about and from so many viewpoints. I knew it was a hot climate but I learned of the coolness and darkness of the night. I was surprised by differing landscapes, the cactus garden, rose garden and magical crystal cave, which were described and narrated so colourfully and bountifully that I could see them in full spender when I closed my eyes.
In this book the landscape of the peoples of Africa where explored and described, with a strong emphasis showing how important music and the connection to their land was.

PK the hero of the book is a true hero a fighter who yearned for knowledge but was not mean spirited and keenly shared with all.
This book was a humbling experience. As a writer myself I became completely in ore of Bryce’s skill whose writing talent is pure genus. What a travel! What an adventure! And all without leaving my small flat and from the safety of my sofa with my best friend Mandy sat by me! What a gift this book is!
I whole heartily recommend it. 5 stars

The Power of One Audible – Unabridged can be bought here
Bryce Courtenay (Author), Humphrey Bower (Narrator), Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
Or if you sign up though your local library (UK only) can be borrowed free here

Have you wondered if there was hidden meaning in numbers and dates? If so you will enjoy Soul Numbers.
I got this audio on audible
I was attracted to the cover as it’s a striking design also I was curious as I have always been interested in number patterns and recently had started waking up and noticing the clock said, 2.22 or 3.33.
What could it all mean? Having no one to ask other than my old springer spaniel at that time in the early hours of the morning, I was pleased to find this book, and even more pleased when I found it was an audio book, as I am dyslexic and reading can be a chore.
Normally I like to put things off until tomorrow, but I thought I would listen to the first five minutes of Soul Numbers there and then and found Michele’s voice tuneful and easy to listen to, and her examples and simple to work out maths enjoyable that I listen to it in giant chunks only taking short breaks in-between.
Pen and paper in hand, I worked out my three children’s numbers and my own. My son was a hard working number 9. My middle daughter a spirituality seeking number 10. My youngest daughter and my-self were both 11’s, which is the best number to be! and that we shared this number with Michelle and Barack Obama. So therefor I was both instantly pleased, intrigued and wanted to learn more.
Michele, tells the story of numerology, from both a scientific and highly personal stance. I was very interested in the reasoning behind the 9.11 attack, justifying how it would have caused more casualties if it had been planned for a different day and learning about the sides to Hitler’s numbers.
All in all this is an absorbing subject that has been broken down into bit size chucks that suit a beginner in this audio. 5 stars as I highly recommend it.



Review of audio book, Summer at Rose Island: A Perfect Feel-Good Summer Romance: White Cliff Bay, Book 3

Written by: Holly Martin

Narrated by: Emma Newman


Straight away I should tell you that you do not need to read/listen to book one or two to enjoy this charming and heart-warming story.

It starts of in a quaint sea side village with picturesque view‘s that are dominated by an interesting old light house, which our main character Darcy Davenport is inexplicably drawn to.

Darcy a fiery red head woman with a warm heart is a marine biologist and has moved to white cliff bay, her old childhood haunt to make a new start after a string of disappointments. She makes the move in spite of her parent’s reservations but luckily she has the support of her clever and at times comical brother.

Darcy has a dog, I love when stories have dogs, and she meets a rather dashing all American hunk Riley Eddison who also has a dog. The dogs get on at once, and later in the story snuggle together in bed. The same fate is in store for Riley and Darcy but first they have a few trails to overcome, not least of which is saving Riley’s home, Rose light house which has been in his family for generations.

I love all the characters in this story, the nosy but caring villages, the expectant couple Libby and George even the super slutty reporter. All expertly brought to life not only by Holly Martian’s fabulous creative writing but by the superb talent of narrator Emma Newman, who is especially good at doing the sexy American voice.

This is more than a summer read, it is a multi-faceted romance that just happens to happen in summer.

Holly fits so much depth and warmth into an average size book. Her imagination is boundless and I would highly recommend this audio book. 5 stars.

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Review of Audio Book Shallow Waters: Hannah Robbins, Book 1
By Rebecca Bradley
Narrated by Colleen Prendergast

Interesting crime fiction

As a fan of inspector Morse I was looking forward to listening to the Shallow Waters story and it did not disappoint. There was a lot of interesting information about how the police investigate murders as well as the more personal side of those who are doing the investigating portrayed in the story.
It was good to see a strong woman as the main character who lead the investigation after a young girl’s body is found in a disturbing condition next to the rubbish bin. DI Hannah Robbins and her team of the Nottingham City division Major Crimes Unit, use all their combine skills and pull all their resources in trying to find not only the girls identity but more importantly her murder. Which leads them eventually to expand their search to another county and to stretch the team to its limits.
In the story there seems no time at all until another poor girl is found murdered and found in similar situations. So now the race is on to find a deranged serial killer and DI Hannah Robbins is on the case and is not held back by anything even her lover who is a newspaper reporter. I like the interactions she has with him and with her team, personal and professional. I loved all the detail and very believable procedures that are explained though DI Hannah Robbins eyes.
Mostly I loved the narration of the audio book by Colleen Prendergast, who made all the characters believable. The evil ones more mad and chilling. The hero’s more human and brave.
I would give this audio book 5 stars. This is not a children’s book but strongly recommend it if you like crime thrillers.


Audio book review Mind Calm Meditations: Written and narrated by: Sandy C Newbigging
A step up from Mindfulness meditation.
This Mind Calm meditations audio book is well structured, it starts by explaining the purpose of the teaching and ends with a set of ten short meditations.
Sandy is clearly a very experienced meditation teacher, and as you sit back to listen to this audio book his tuneful soft Scottish voice is a meditation in its self.
What I loved most about this practice is that for me I found it to be a step up form Mindfulness meditation. I am a huge fan of mindfulness which teachers you to be in the moment and to be connected with your body.
However Mind Calm, moves this idea further, you are still in the moment and still connected with your body, however you learn that all energy is universal and has a frequency and that with practice you can tune into it to this frequency with your mind and find peace and joy.
I love the idea that Sandy shows us that with Mind Calm shows us that we are all connected not just to each other but everything that is on the planet, like the animals, the ocean, even the stars.
There was an interesting structured technique that Sandy teaches in the audio which once learned allows you too softly focus on a point ahead while being aware of the whole room or area outside that you’re in.
This was a new idea for me, but a huge wake-up call as I realised that I had been spending my whole life focusing on just a short distance in front out me, almost as if I had blinkers on. Sandy says that this practice which he calls GAAWO, which is an acronym that stands for
Gentle alert attention wide open.
He said, that is something that everyone enjoys? I must admit at first I found I was a little out of my comfort zone, but after practicing this technique a few times I relaxed into it.
I would recommend this audio for everyone, those brand new to meditation and those who are experienced.
Five stars
#gratitude to Sandy for sharing this teaching.

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Review of Audio ‘Mindfulness’ Written by: Mark Williams, Danny Penman
Narrated by: Mark Williams

This is a great audio to buy if you are new to the Mindfulness mediation technique and would perhaps do not have the time to go to attend the full eight weeks course in a group. Equally it can be good as a refresher to a course that you have completed in the past.
The narration carefully explains what Mindfulness is and then everything you need is set out for you to start the practice. You are given a flexible workable schedule and told which of the short guided medication sections to use. I also like the extra activity’s suggested such as sew some vegetable seeds.
To understand Mindfulness Mark, uses stories about everyday people with busy lives which are easy to relate to. He then compares how peoples mind process differs from dealing with stress equated with animals.
Mark explains how humans deal with stress with our ‘doing mode.’ When we are stressed or sad explains that our ‘doing mode’ is switched on trying to resolve the problem and comparing the problem with situations in the past that were similarly stressful and also jumping ahead and thinking of possible outcomes which could be stressful based on our prior knowledge. Therefor Mark explains we are not present in the moment and become anxious, and that when this happens our everyday life can be carried on mostly on autopilot.
The teaching of this Mindfulness eight week program is to be in the ‘being mode,’ helping you to stop over thinking and directly notice the feelings inside your own body and be present in the moment and not let your brain brood on the past or race ahead to think of possible stressful out comes.
The good news is that Mindfulness mediation technique works and Mark backs up this claim with scientific results of brain scans. He concluded that mindfulness proved that people who had three or more series of depression after an eight weeks course had be able to rewire their brain and were feeling more happy even when being reminded of past sad events in their life’s.
I liked the way that the chapters are set out so which include mediation body scan sections. These sections helps you to practice and train your mind by simply focusing on breathing. They teach us that we are all able to be calm even when everything is in turmoil around us.
I would recommend this audio book as it helps you to understand how to step out of autopilot to be more in the present, tune into your body and improve your life. This eight week guide everything you will need to regain your life back and find a slice of peacefulness.
Here is a guide that will change your life around for the positive, which needs no dieting, no exercise, no changing job or your house. All you do is change your relationship with yourself.
Go buy it!

Audio Review, A Night in with Audrey Hepburn

by Lucy Holliday

Narrated by Anna Parker-Naples

Perfect listing for a night in on your own with wine and snacks!

It is marvellous to listen to an audio version of this book as you can just lay back and listen as the very talented and marvellous Ann Parker Naples brings all the characters and the story alive.

The thing that i liked best about this story, is that the protagonist Libby Lomax is such a normal sounding ordinary woman who is flung into the extraordinary situation of meeting the ghost of Hollywood screen actress Audrey Hepburn.

We start the story off when Libby is much younger and she meets her two future best friends while auditioning along with her sister. Libby’s sister is a bit of a difficult personality, and along with her mother and estranged father, you feel glad that Libby has such good friends.

This story has many LOL parts to it, and if you like Bridget Jones you will love this story as it has a similar vibe to it.

This is a great and cleverly crafted story, the scene I enjoyed the most was the one were Libby accidentally sets her costume and half of her hair on fire, while trying to impress a hunky actor by smoking. He then forever refers to her as fire girl and takes more than a passing interest in her.
Great story and Anna magical narration gave me many happy hours of listing. I recommend this audio book five stars.
Review of Audio book ‘Black Hill Farm’ Written by: Tim O’Rourke
Narrated by: Anna Parker-Naples

Great story beautifully narrated:

This is a young adult horror romance novel with a paranormal twist. I was so captivated with this audio that I listened to the whole thing in under 24 hours.
Set on a old dairy farm in modern day, rural Cornwall England, O’Rourke’s Genius with this story is that he leads you into the plot after the murders have taken place and then the whole of the past events is spread out before you, so you get to unravel it along with the unwitting police, but just when you think that you know the facts, there is more, much more.
What a tale! It starts off with Chief Inspector John Walker interviewing 16 year old Ben McCloud under the watchful eye of Ms. Hughes from child services.
Ben who had turned up at the police station and told them that he wanted to confess to murder at the farm, did not appear to be the stereo typical serial murder, and throughout the questioning John noticeably makes notes highlighting this, which we get to share between the taped interviews.
John is an old and skilled inspector who is in charge of the murders at Black Hill farm. He likes to do things by the rule book and finds the way that Ben insists on conducting the interview frustrating. However with no leads he is prepared to sit it out, give him more rope, to hang himself as the old county expression goes.
Ben is keen to tell his story and leaves no detail untold, the story is of true and enduring love, of betrayal of lost dreams. It is full of dark twists that will leave you on feeling happy but also devastated at times and gasping in wonder. O’Rourke wrote economically with his characters, every one was important, even the once who did appear so at first.
To me the best bit is the way the story has been brought to live by the extremely talented Ann Parker-Naples. Anna uses a wide range of voices and a depth of emotions in her narration of Black Hill Farm. She makes the characters so believable and she has the perfect voice for the young heroine Andy, and I was able to picture this 17 year beautiful blond girl in my mind clearly as Anna spoke. I was also able to picture all the other well written and narrated characters. I loved how Anna made Mr Parker so slimly, Emily the old cow more dribbley, Ben sound so lost and Inspector John sound so very human. Anna has a supreme talent to understand how the authors see their characters and she crafts her voice which such a all encompassing gentle power that you are literally lifted out of your seats to sit in the rooms in black hill farm and experience every feeling; every happiness like the wonders of biting into a birthday cake, romance of sharing a bath to the complete horror of staring at a magott infested face.

I could say much more but I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, so I will end by simply saying that this audio book is a triumph and one that you should defiantly add to your collection.

Audio book review The Maze Runner Written by: James Dashner Narrated by: Mark Deakins Length: 10 hrs and 53 mins The story starts dramatically, in the dark a small enclosed space that is rattling and has no fresh air. The reader is trapped alongside a teenager, Thomas who finds himself struggling to understand what’s happening to him and with no memory about his life other than his name. Terrified by the darkness and strangeness of his soundings he has no time to normalise before it abruptly stops. Thomas is greeted by a group of boys who refer to him as the newbie. He has to adjust quickly and the reader is equally intrigued and bewildered as to this new place he finds himself called the glade. Here the boys have tried to make this place their own, adapting what they have and even inventing their own slag words for things such as clunk. The glade is exclusively a young boy’s zone, but this is no peter pan story and the glade is no neverland. It is well organised highly structured place operated by a high-ranking system of boys called keepers. Every boy is assigned a task. Thomas soon realises that glade is only a small part of his new world. There is a maze outside the glade, which boys called runners map and try to find a way out. Thomas knows instantly that’s he wants to be a runner. Easy you think to find a way out in the end? But knows as the maze moves position each night when it is full of marauding evil steampunk monsters, Grievers, the like I could never of imagined. Thomas character develops quickly and he gets to interact and try and understand the other boys in this forced community. He especially likes a boy called Chuck and their friendship is an odd one. Thomas is more like a big brother than a friend to him. Just a Thomas is settling into his new surroundings a girl, Teresa comes up in the lift like box and this triggers the end of any stability he had found for himself. He also feels that he and girl have a connection and later he develops a way were he can communicate with his thoughts. Dashner should be congratulated for The Maze Runner story as here he has invented a brand new world were the environment is controlled by outside forces. Even the sky can change and sun vanish. The boys question their surroundings and try and find answers, but human nature dictates that they make the most of what they have. I especially like the description of the monsters, you learn everything about them, and they are machine and organic. They can fire spines that are as sharp as needles which contain some toxic that causes a changing. Dashner explains in painful detail how the boys suffer when they have been attacked and the fear they sense waiting. The story is full of puzzles and just when you think you know what’s happening a new twists occurs. Mark Deakins narration is remarkable. He makes totally different voices for each of the boys and a higher voice for Teresa. His style is easy to listen to, he adds emphasis to the characters when they’re scared or angry. Brilliant.



Audio review of Baba Yaga's Daughter and Other Stories of the Old Races
Audio review of Baba Yaga’s Daughter and Other Stories of the Old Races

Audio review of Baba Yaga’s Daughter and Other Stories of the Old Races
Written by: C. E. Murphy Narrated by: Anna Parker-Naples Length: 8 hrs and 42 mins Unabridged Audiobook This is an enchanted tale that has been skilfully brought to life by Anna’s colourful narration. The plot is not straight forward at all but several stories spun together in a delightful mix. Many parts to the story stretch over different continents and many generations. In it Murphy writes of truths, half-truths, folklore and legions. I liked how she wrote the female characters with strong leads and they were both brave and fearful. Not meek or in any way subservient, which is often the case in some old fashioned tales. The two main male characters, the dragonlord Janx and the dashing vampire Eliseo Daisani are both powerful in their own rights and make an uneasy friendship. However both of them are never without a woman in their lives to complete or complicate them. Being a child still at heart, I loved the witches best, Baba Yaga, and her chicken leg hut that could not cross running water and the daughter who had no name. Anna gave Russian inflections to their lines as she read them, and made them seam formidable pair, I certainly would not like to meet Baba Yaga in the dark. Anna wide range of voices forced me to stop listening at one point and to check there was indeed only one narrator. How she jumped from a Russian voice to an American in the same paragraph was mesmerising. Along with vampires, there is an interesting an skilfully written female vampire hunter. I felt a bit like I was exploring a secret world. I was transfixed by the dragons who could take on the form of humans alongside tales of gargoyles and silkies. Not only were all the magical creatures in this story beautifully written, but also humans characters, who’s lives became intertwined with the old races intriguing and fairy like way. There were interesting settings, old fashioned speakeasy’s to modern day settings. This is an enchanted tale, but I am glad I listened to it rather than reading it as its dripped though with long and tasty descriptions, and having them read out to you gives you more of a chance to absorb and admire them. This is the first time I have come across Murphy’s writing and I would really look forward to reading/listening to some more of her fantastic written work. A magical listen, Anna has a skilful reading of the wonderful characters was both relaxing and hugely enjoyable. I am looking forward to listening to other Audiobook’s that Anna has narrated. Especially looking forward to her upcoming reading of the Audiobook, ‘Garden.’


Audio Book Review of ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ Author: Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling) Narrator: Robert Glenister
The story which is beautifully read by Robert Glenister is a very grown gritty ‘who done it?’ mystery, which is set against the back drop of London.
The main character a super model called Lula Landry, whom the story fixates around is already dead before the first chapter, and even although you never hear her voice, you gleam the pieces from her life and her untimely demise from secondary and sometimes conflicting sources.
The people in this story are never at first who you believe they will be, this is most apparent with the private detective, ‘Cormorant Strike,’ who is as my mother would say is a, ‘diamond in the rough,’ he is a heavily written character and you get to know every detail of his life such as his false leg, and share his highs and lows of his personal relationships.
The other main character, who is simply known as ‘Robin’ opens the story on a personal high of her engagement, she is a temp sectary looking for a full time job but also has underling dreams for adventure.
Although Strike and Robin start of in very different places, Robin’s engagement and Strikes long term relationship ending, together they make an incisive and appreciative pair of each other’s skills and share a common goal to seek the truth.
I really enjoyed the audio book and marvelled both at the descriptive writing skills of Rowling and the wonderful range of voices that Robert Glenister was able to produce to bring the character’s fully to life, from a Jamaican man to an old lady, I was spell bound, ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ is truly worth listening to.



Here Lies Love (Unabridged) [Audio Download] Review

By Dan Thompson (Author), Corina Marcos (Narrator)


This is one of the best audio books that I have listens to so far.  It has a high quality of the production and the narration by Corina is exquisite.

I have read the book, and Dan’s crafted words made such an impression that they echoed in my mind for some time after.

Here Lies Love by Dan Thompson A Masterpiece from cover to end. Here is one of those rare books, which is constantly brilliant throughout. Each character is carefully described and very lifelike. The plot, which is macabre in places, moves at a pleasing pace too. The story starts with Abbey, the heroine, who is a feisty redhead, who along with other girls has been trapped and caged by a monster, Stefan. You hear her inner thoughts and fears as she waits her impending doom. She shudders at the sounds in the house; her captor’s perverse games which only aim is to thrill himself. She is very brave for such a young age of seventeen and this is her story of self-discovery and growth. Later in the book she meets characters her own age, Tristian and Ryan, both very lifelike in there description. Ryan, is tenderly described, he is the gentlest character in the book. His friendship with Tristian paramount in his life, and who I strongly suspect of being gay. Tristian, a strong and beautiful man, is exquisitely described, and probably the best hero I have every read. He is everything and more you would hope for Abbey. Abbey clings to life, almost faltering at one point, but her will to survive and seek the revenge against her father that she feels she need to move on with her life and find peace, drives her on. Her Father is a difficult character to understand at first, but the author writes him with all clarity, so you are left with no doubt at the end of the story. Dan Thompson is a poet and quite breath-taking in the way that he describes the planet and how the sun as escaped from the sky and the beauty of the moon and the stars. I could not put this book down; the story, both gripping and chilling. In between reading the chapters, I would think about the story and wonder what the next chapter would be. The story ends well; Abbey’s final fate is open and wholly her own choice, which leaves it open for a next book, which I will surely hope is one.

I found Corina’s performance enchanting. There are some interesting characters in the book and she managed to voice to each of them. I was surprised to hear that this was Corina’s first book narration, as she is truly professional.

It is hard to pick one moment out of the reading to highlight. I always think the first chapter is important as without a gripping first chapter people don’t read any further, unless its homework oh course.

I would recommend the audio book to dyslexics who like myself have trouble reading and concentrating on the plot at the same time. Dan has a magical way to write a sentence that has a lot of meaning. I have to say that I understood the story much more once I had listen to it being read out.

Again Corina’s narration is spectacular.


after edan

Audio Book review After Eden

Written by: Helen Douglas

Narrated by: Anna Parker-Naples

Length: 7 hrs and 2 mins

Series: After Eden, Book 1

Unabridged Audiobook


Helen Douglas first book is a triumph.

After Eden is a young teen Sci-fi novel set in a modern time frame in Cornwall UK. The main character Eden is a normal run of the mill teenage girl who suffers the same teenage angst as the majority of girls so is easy to relate to.

One day a drop dead gorgeous new boy called Ryan Westland sets hearts a flutter at her school. He seems interested in Eden, and they slowly become friends. However Eden raises suspicion about Ryan, as he seems to have gaps in his knowledge about everyday things such as food and important events in history.

This story has an interesting plot and an element of time travel all set in a teenage setting. I really liked the character Conner, he was besotted with Eden, and although you could tell by the way he was written that he was a good guy, the little bursts of evilness that came from him were a delight to read.

Anna Parker-Naples is my favourite narrator, and her interpretation of the text is simply stunning. She has a vast range of characters voices, and she seems able to pull a new one out a hat in a masterful way.

The story takes you through a range of emotions from excitement to fear and keeps you on the edge of your seat as its s interesting. It is also full of some interesting facts about space and the solar system.

A really satisfying ending and a toughly good listen. I would highly recommend it. Anna performance is pure class and very entertaining.


Review The Last Sherlock Holmes Story Unabridged Audiobook
Written by: Michael Dibdin Narrated by: Robert Glenister
Length: 6 hrs and 43 mins

I choose this audio book for two reasons, first that I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes and secondly because I love the narration of Robert Glenister. I already have bought two other audio books which he has narrated, ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ Author: Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling) and The Ghost (Robert Harris). As a side note I should say that he is my dogs favourite narrator, as if there in a barking mood, I put on one of his audio books and the settle down and be calm, also his voice has a similar effect on me, causing me to feel soporific, as its so rich and commanding.
The Last Sherlock Holmes Story is an interesting story that is brilliantly written and superbly read. Gripping from the start, it invites you to revaluate the stereotype of Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print in 1887, written by famous author Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle. (AICD) Holmes a fictitious character who was based on a forensic scientist at Edinburgh University Dr Joseph Bell.
For Michael Dibdin version of the fictional guise of Sherlock Holmes, he builds an image of Holmes though Watsons voice using detailed notes which are found in bank in the 1970’s.
This story however is read in the voice of Watson, is written in the style of AICD, and the tale is careful spun out and adds a very interesting and fresh approach story. Diddin stays true to the characters and this instantly puts you in a comfortable familiar place when you first start to listen, then cunningly drifts you into a much darker place.
Not wanting to spoil the plot, I shall just talk about the setting; the story is set in East End of London in 1888. Were three women have been brutally murdered and mutilated by the infernos Jack the Ripper. Sherlock who is bored by the mundane cases that he has been presented, softens the dullness of his everyday life by taking cocaine. Then this case of the type of murders appears to give him a new interest and he meets his equal in intelligence Moriarty.

Many chases, much intrigue. It is well written and beautiful narrated, being both melodic and welcoming.
Unlike the other books narrated by Robert Galbraith there was not a lot of different types to voices to use the full extent of his range. However this does not make the reading any less enjoyable, and he does a wonderful voice to inspector Lestrade.
I have read other reviews and this book has stirred up all types of feelings, I think this in part because the characters are so well know and set in peoples minds, that anything out of the ordinary or expected is immediately thrown out. However that said, I did not agree with the ending, but then that is the sign of a great writer, when can get you to feel strongly that it evokes angry comments. It is a fictional story and the author has written the ending he choice. I admire his style and passion that is insinuated though the pages. Were you feel the heart wrenching love and respect of Watson wither under the stress of what he thinks he has discovered about his dear friend and mentor.
慈円 (Jane)



Audio book review for Amok written by Sebastian Fitzek.
Narrated by: Natascha McElhone, Adrian Lester, Rafe Spall, Peter Firth, Brendan Coyle, Hugh Skinner

I was on the edge of my seat

Amok lives up to its name as in this startling psychological thriller there are violent psychopaths, corrupt officials and conspiracies. The story is fast paced which twists and turns unexpectedly and just when you think you have a handle on what’s happening the plot changes again. You listen hopelessly as the story un-folds from the eyes of the Ira Samin who has the un-welcoming job of a negotiator in a hostage situation. Ira had made her own fatal plans for the day as she had been planning to take her own life after the suicide of her eldest daughter. Now she is thrust into this tense situation as a maniac has several hostages in a local radio station and is playing a perverse game with their lives. Ira as an alcoholic who is in desperate need of a strong drink is fighting with her own internal struggles as well as trying to fathom out what is going on in the mind of a psychopath. She just wants the ordeal to be over so she can return to her own morbid plans.

The roll of the negotiator is set, there are rules that are to be followed, but in this case the hostage taker is also trained and very intelligent, he has done his homework and is very much in control of the situation.

What made listening to this audio book production so enjoyable was that there was a brilliant cast of actors and actresses who gave a heart stopping performance. The production was exceptional quality and I also enjoyed the musical interludes that separated the chapters.

All of the main characters were multi-faceted but my favourite character was Ian (Yan) May. He had dark and light sides in equal quantity who was able to flip seamlessly between the two, keeping you guessing as to what the real truth was.

My favourite performance of Amok was the Criminal psychologist Ira Samin narrated by Natascha McElhone as she gave a moving performing throughout the whole production.

Sebastian Fitzek is a talented writer; I would give Amok 5 stars as I found it very professionally produced and really enjoyed the story and the narration.