What’s Your First Draft Like? – J. S. Law

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Today I’m pleased to welcome J.S Law to the blog to talk about his first draft process.

XJmGanVnVix2Bkp0F9eEKws9A8nIbU7iRkAWuaZP9AI,LL9xeR8uuhBVN8gZO-xGfjjcmIuIAbaYgcTBXsyTKLA,XuTY_Dtp6-YtuTzxsYHhRmH1BVu_Ygi_UrEJ_Gwwx6MJames joined the Royal Navy in 1993 as an apprentice and went on to serve for twenty years, the majority spent in the Submarine Service. He rose through the ranks, taking a commission as an engineering officer in 2001, and serving as a Senior Engineer and Nuclear Reactor Plant Supervisor, where his responsibilities ranged from the safety and operation of the submarine’s nuclear power plant to hydraulic plants, fridges and toilets; it was the latter of these tasks that brought the majority of any pressure. His final years in service were spent training future submariners in his role of Senior Lecturer in Nuclear Reactor Engineering.

Having written short stories and novels throughout his naval career, James completed an MA in Creative Writing at Portsmouth University shortly before leaving the navy in 2013, completing…

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