#breakfastwall blog day 5 , blogging is harder than I thought in WordPress.com!

So i am realizing as i am working though learning blogging that there is a lot more involved than i first thought. Also doing the blogging in WordPress.com limits what you can do and there plugins to make blogging easier and more effective that are only available in WordPress.org.
This blogging malarkey involves quite a bit of work to get it right so now i have a new appreciation of professional bloggers and take my hat off to them.

Before I starting out on my quest to brush up on my blogging skills I had naively thought that I could just post a photo of my breakfast and add a few tags and that would be that, all done and dusted.
But no! day five of blogging comes with a new list of tasks to do! I will list below and work my way through them but first that all important breakfast shot!
Salmon, eggs and juice.

Today’s task: integrate a feature to draw traffic to your older content, like a widget, list of related posts, or a “Best of” page.

I guess the page that would be the most useful is the Learn Periscope page

I love to learn new stuff and also I love to share the new stuff that I have learned and in this page, were I talk about the app Periscope I do both. I also made short YouTubes which star my dog Mandy.


new Task ….. Add a Related Posts feature automatically adds links to other posts your readers might like at the bottom of each post.
Sadly I need to be blogging in a WordPress.Org website for this to work as I would need a plug in to auto generate the related posts.
Last task for the day –Adding Widgets

I already have widgets on my blog website, like social media. Again as I am writing this in WordPress.com i am limited to the amount I can have.

In my new business WordPress.Org website I have added a few more, my favorite being the counter on my personal twitter followers, check it out!