Set your CV apart by adding a personal sell video!

It’s hard to give yourself the edge in a very competitive job market. Employers are inundated with applications, which they must read through. So, by adding a video to your helping them as well as yourself.

I made a short video on my iPhone. I thought about the background, making sure that it had nothing distracting in it. I got all the lamps, that I owned from my flat to light the space. I put a sock into a mug and rested my iPhone in it to film. (all very low tech)

I wrote a short script and had several goes at making it. I trimmed the video with some free online software.

First, I put it up to LinkedIn, to see what the reaction would be. 26 views later and no negative comments, I added it to my CV.

I uploaded the video to YouTube. (note – make sure that you have left the option to allow embedding of the video when you do this).

 Uploading to YouTube also gave me the option to add a thumb nail image, which was good, as my video started in quite and animated place.

Microsoft, Word lets you add a video to your document in just a few steps.

1.      Insert

2.      Online Video

3.      In pop up window, search for your video on YouTube. (if using another source then use select embed code)

Just a couple of other tips!

1.      If you use search for you video on YouTube, then after your video has played, YouTube will automatically play another video. (one you might not like) To avoid this make a playlist on YouTube and add it to other videos, either ones you have made or ones you like.

2.      If you use the embed code, (left click on the YouTube video to copy code) you lose the nice thumbnail image. But if you right click on the video when it is in word, this lets you pick a new thumbnail image from your file.

If your interested in my CV, please contact me.

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Jane Yates

Jane Yates Social Media, Marketing, Writer, Artist, Out Of The Box Thinker

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