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My APP Ideas

I love to invent things, I am hoping to get a full time job were I can be creative. Here is an App Idea I thought up called Walking with Angels. OK this is not a life or death fund raising cause. Just wanted to share on of my many ideas that are popping around in my head. And maybe share a smile or to. Jane <a title=”linked in” href=”https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=145008369″>my linked in account</a>

I was doing a  kickstarter project link for this idea

But….<strong> I  have now changed my mind. folks spend your money on something worth while and become the angel yourself . love and light</strong>

however you might like the small film Ant made so I post it for a giggle anyway.

Bit about it – but most important all the money raised was going to the developer. I am not doing this for the money, just for the joy of sharing my ideas.

The app idea is the original idea was making a app for Google glasses, but

after talking with a developer, this turned out not to be able to be developed at this time. However the app will still work on a android phone. So you can walk around and hold you phone up and experience walking among angels.

also hope to develop at later date on i phone, i pad.

The app, detects which way human beings are facing and then shows you them as you view them though your devise with angel wings on their backs.

What nicer way to walk to work than walking surrounded by angels.

Later as an add on to this app, again which out using the full function of face recognition, other than
Human – Face

the app can add a different face over the human face while you viewing it.

Liven up board room meetings with your boss.

Also update you partner by viewing another face over theirs.

thank you for taking time to read this.

$1 gets a thank you, $5 gets progress updates, $10 gets a thank you in the app, $50 gets to help design
app for android phones, so when you hold them up and walk, Angel wings appear on people.
Be part of an awesome project, and i will update you at every stage, and make your tubes of the process and plans where possible.
Yes i know you can imagine turning your city into a city of angels like i can.
Plus after the first apps build you will be on board for the other ideas i have and be apart of it.
Also as extra bonus I will send you a link to a
of a short story which i shall write especially for the relise of this app. And I will paint a angel painting and send it to the highest contributor.

i am always happy to answer questions, e mail me at janeyatestheartist@gmail.com

you can find me on twitter at @jyparadoxchild

some of my other ideas are

#googleglass ideas ( for images go to https://plus.google.com/u/0/117572152641372801039/posts)
1. food app. when you look at any food it shows you calories

Also shop can program there counters to flash images or words
on counters. Can show if contains nuts or other things people could be allergic to.
2.lie detetor this app can detect signs of lieing, just by looking at the persons face such as

changes with pupils in eyes
breathing changes
body temperature rising
blink less

  1. vampires and dragons social game

pick which you would like to be
this app people would sign up an then the goodleglass
would detect the other players as they find them.
not contact sport game. rules to follow.

  1. doodle glass

this app, would focus on a person or animal or building and draw a doodle
of it.
could be saved and linked to a printer.
5. Night vision app

  1. . shop front app

a clear glass shop front, when the person walks past with the glasses, the shop window becomes a bill board of offers on on that day.
7. clean teeth app
Light app on your google glass shines so to illuminate where you teeth still have bacteria.
so you clean more. good for children.
have you seen this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2739068/Bet-won-t-forget-brush-tonight-These-gruesome-alien-invaders-bacteria-lurking-plaque-TEETH.html
8. loyalty badge
This is idea i only only just thought off, so will need some more thinking. But this is an opt in app, were people can show there loyalty at a football game or political event.
9,digital lenses

these are lenses that are made up solely from wave forms
the waves travel in front of your eyes within the frames
allowing you to adjust the frequency with a dial on the frames
from normal reading to magnifying
also can change frequency so the colour so when its sunny you can see better
and for dyslexics you can change the lenses to yellow to read of white paper
or one of each of different colours.
10. Mindfulness glasses. The frames detect when you are getting stressed and the light change colour. So you can stop and calm down

i have more ideas as well


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