#breakfastwall blog, day 6, left overs

So this is day six, yay almost a week. Thank you for reading x x

breakfast today was left overs. Risotto and beans from my allotment. it was yummy but now i feel like i have eaten way to much cheese. Is there a word for that? I shall google and see!

yep i googled that , lots of funny images, most to rude to post here, but this on made me smile so i will share it 🙂



So before i settled to do the blog tasks for today, i went outside and broke up an old pallet and made a plant Theatre. Photo on tomorrows blog as paint is drying!

Today’s blog tasks
Few!!! its all amount social media and i am already good at that.

for those of you reading this i belong to twitter @jyparadoxchild as that’s a great place to connect with a wide range of people.

Facebook (pls like my page) https://www.facebook.com/Jane-Yates-689082927842499/ this a page for my books mostly.

LinkedIn , which im quite new at, google plus and Goodreads.

Twitter is my favorite. If you write books or love to read you will love goodreads. Add me as a friend and I will add you back.




#breakfastwall blog day 5 , blogging is harder than I thought in WordPress.com!

So i am realizing as i am working though learning blogging that there is a lot more involved than i first thought. Also doing the blogging in WordPress.com limits what you can do and there plugins to make blogging easier and more effective that are only available in WordPress.org.
This blogging malarkey involves quite a bit of work to get it right so now i have a new appreciation of professional bloggers and take my hat off to them.

Before I starting out on my quest to brush up on my blogging skills I had naively thought that I could just post a photo of my breakfast and add a few tags and that would be that, all done and dusted.
But no! day five of blogging comes with a new list of tasks to do! I will list below and work my way through them but first that all important breakfast shot!
Salmon, eggs and juice.

Today’s task: integrate a feature to draw traffic to your older content, like a widget, list of related posts, or a “Best of” page.

I guess the page that would be the most useful is the Learn Periscope page

I love to learn new stuff and also I love to share the new stuff that I have learned and in this page, were I talk about the app Periscope I do both. I also made short YouTubes which star my dog Mandy.


new Task ….. Add a Related Posts feature automatically adds links to other posts your readers might like at the bottom of each post.
Sadly I need to be blogging in a WordPress.Org website for this to work as I would need a plug in to auto generate the related posts.
Last task for the day –Adding Widgets

I already have widgets on my blog website, like social media. Again as I am writing this in WordPress.com i am limited to the amount I can have.

In my new business WordPress.Org website I have added a few more, my favorite being the counter on my personal twitter followers, check it out!



#breakfast wall blog day 4

So day for of my new blog… and its raining … so not a great start
for breakfast today i had egg and toast soldiers and berry tea which when surprisingly well with the egg.
so no bacon today! and i forgot to post this funny bacon related YouTube about bacon, so here it is

So now for the more serious blogging and today’s theme is Branding and Growth.
I have a look at my stats on WordPress and here are my results.
What are your most-viewed posts? Topics? These are my writing of short story’s which were read and translated by readers from Japan, encouraged to read what I have written by my steam punk friend Mari.
I have just realized that i took my short story’s of my site as there was just to much information. Woops!
My most popular day ever and most likes was on March 18th 2015
Which posts and topics have the most comments? again my story’s have the most comments, so far no one has commented on my new blog about breakfast. However i do get likes and comments for the photo on Facebook and Instagram.
Are there posts or topics you are surprised are popular? Can your stats suggest why? no and no.
Which times and days of the week bring the most traffic? this was a surprise according to the stats the most popular time for visitors to my blog is Monday at 6pm? go figure!

31st May #Breakfastwall blog


Today was caramel coffee, sourdough bread, butter, free rang bacon and eggs

So this is day three of my new blog breakfast wall.So far so good i am enjoying the food!

I forgot to post the image of yesterdays breakfast in my excitement, so here it is


tho looking at it, its not a very good photo as you can see the food! was distracted by beautiful boat.

So day three for blogging task


I am reminded that I am meant to

  • Publish posts from three guests over the next three months.
    I have face-booked two writers but writers are always so busy, so if your one and your reading this and you would like to be a guest with your book, please leave a comment on this page

So task – check my site is responsive, that is that it re sizes its self to look good and work on a phone.
I checked on my IPhone and yep it is.

I had already checked my new business website to make sure that’s all good, and am very happy with it 🙂


If your doing this practice blogging with me and your sites not responsive, then pick a WordPress template that is, its easy to change your theme. Go Appearance – themes.



New Blog posting

OK I am going to get my blogging skills up to speed this is mostly because I am starting a WordPress Web design and Training Business in Oxford City were I live.
I did used to run a small web design business but that was in 1999 for 4 years and although i have been employed in a few roles in Oxford as a web designer i still feel that i could do with sharpening my skills.

Maybe you would like to sharpen your blogging skills up to? if so we could learn the possess together?

so i guess i need some steps?

A good place to start is to set some personal goals!

My goals are to

  • Gain 20% more followers within three months.
  • Increase average daily hits 30% by the end of the year.
  • Publish every day each week during the next two months.
  • Spend one hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading, and commenting from now until the end of next month.
  • Establish a new daily feature on my blog – which i will need to think up a name for and then post on my other social media sites.
  • Create an editorial calendar for the next 90 days by the end of the month.
  • Publish posts from three guest writers over the next three months.