Writing Crime – Using A Family Liaison Officer

Rebecca Bradley

writing-crime-1We’ve previously found a dead body, now we need to keep in pretty close contact with the family of the victim. This takes a lot of time and instead of having a stream of different officers turning up at the door asking questions as and when needed, forces now have what are called family liaison officers. FLOs. (Flow not f.l.o.)

FLOs were created so the family had a single point of contact. A single person who could build a rapport and a trust with the family, which is not something that can be done with a team of people.

Family Liaison Officer’s are sent out to the homes of the families of any unexplained violent death, including road deaths, and cot deaths (though these we know aren’t violent – but they have to be investigated), and any other critical incident where their presence might be helpful to the investigation.

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