Hatred. Hidden.

So … I’ve been busy writing away, editing too. Mostly eating (Shhh, don’t tell the scales). But for a while, an old character has been keeping me awake. I can’t seem to shoo him away. Mark was an interesting creation, but as far as I was concerned, dealt with. I’ve told his story … or what I knew of it. I locked him away – that’s where he belonged. But this niggle wouldn’t let up.

I have to admit. I don’t feel like I did his story justice. I was naive, and unsure of my place in the writing world, and desperate too to get work out there.

It gives me great pleasure to reveal the cover for an old story retold, redone, reawakened. It will be released for FREE (yes, that’s right, FREE) later in the year. For now, you can add it to your Goodreads list for safe keeping…

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