#breakfast wall blog day 4

So day for of my new blog… and its raining … so not a great start
for breakfast today i had egg and toast soldiers and berry tea which when surprisingly well with the egg.
so no bacon today! and i forgot to post this funny bacon related YouTube about bacon, so here it is

So now for the more serious blogging and today’s theme is Branding and Growth.
I have a look at my stats on WordPress and here are my results.
What are your most-viewed posts? Topics? These are my writing of short story’s which were read and translated by readers from Japan, encouraged to read what I have written by my steam punk friend Mari.
I have just realized that i took my short story’s of my site as there was just to much information. Woops!
My most popular day ever and most likes was on March 18th 2015
Which posts and topics have the most comments? again my story’s have the most comments, so far no one has commented on my new blog about breakfast. However i do get likes and comments for the photo on Facebook and Instagram.
Are there posts or topics you are surprised are popular? Can your stats suggest why? no and no.
Which times and days of the week bring the most traffic? this was a surprise according to the stats the most popular time for visitors to my blog is Monday at 6pm? go figure!

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