30th May 2006 #breakfastwall

30th May 2006


Un-sweetened porridge and red label tea.

So this is day two of my starting to blog. Day two is the day  Auditing my brand

But what is a brand audit?

After looking on YouTube I found out that a brand audit is taking an assessment of my brand…. well OK but whats my brand?

After all I am just eating breakfast on my wall by the river in front of my flat each morning.

So I guess my brand is, great breakfast? maybe?
Or great location?
Its not me as i am never in the photos.
It really should include a person as i have noticed that  photos with a person get more likes on Facebook.

BUT that wont work for me, as I am not Cute, blond and in my 20’s.
Plus breakfast is typically in the mornings, and mornings is not my best looks! My dog Mandy always gets more likes than me even although in dog years shes 61 in dog years.

So stick to the food and the location. However i am going to have to start thinking around this, and develop the brand. I mean food is all very nice, and GOD knows i could not survive without TEA! but people are going to get board if that is all there is t offer.

So dear reader, if you have any ideas, please post a comment and offer any ideas or just encouragement. TY

For branding YouTube says that i have to think what the aim is off my blog. that’s easy i need the practice as i am starting my own WordPress webdesign and teaching bussiness in Oxford City and I want to be able to talk about blogging.

For those of you who are looking to start a blog here is some useful information from WordPress about branding.

So enough hard work on blogging today. I enjoyed my porridge and here is a nice YouTube on porridge to start you day.
Thanks for reading. Jane

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