Writing Wins and Woes: Spring Cleaning your Writing Life



760I’m finally finishing off this series. The idea for this just came to me in a haphazard way. I’m a cleaner. It’s spring. Let’s write about what I know best. I clean so much that I dream about cleaning at nights. So really I pretty much clean round the clock. Today, I thought I’d focus on cleaning supplies. Without the proper equipment, you can’t clean well. I could use any old rag and a bucket of water, but crayon marks, scuffs and lots of other nasties just wouldn’t vacate the premises. At our job, we use microfiber cloths and I’ve come to appreciate the importance of microfiber. It tends to attract dirt like a magnet. It’s also very soft and flexible. Cleaners are important, too. You can make your own cleaner. I’ve mentioned that before. It’s actually easy. You just use a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice, water and…

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