Writing Wins and Woes: I heart Kindle



WIN_20150515_131740I gave my husband a kindle fire for Christmas. To be honest, I found them to be gimmicky, but my husband was always on my laptop and it was cutting into my own viewing/writing time. I figured why not give him his own personal little TV. I didn’t expect to be so wowed by kindle. A month later I found myself the proud owner of a kindle fire as well. This little guy packs a lot of bang for the buck.

What do I use it for? I use it for: email, reading, watching movies, surfing the web, studying, shopping, preparing for dinner. There’s very little I don’t use it for. I even use it in church in place of a Bible. Wow! I heart Kindle.

What’s this have to do with writing? Well, here are some ways to include your best friend Kindle when you write.1. Write down your…

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