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Last Light Falling Into The Darkness (Book 2)

by J. E. Plemons

Last Light Falling: Into The Darkness is the second book in the series written by J.E. Plemons. It continues the story of Arena and her struggle to survive amidst the civil unrest that could escalate into a catastrophic war. The present is chaotic and the future is grim.

Such frightening outlook  is captured in the first few pages of the book. The author creates an atmosphere of uncertainty. It’s dark and foreboding and gives a feeling of fearful apprehension. This makes you care about what happens to Arena and her brother Gabriel as they face great adversity. There is this tremendous threat not only on their lives but on their faith and belief system. There are philosophical undertones, which I thought gives the story more depth. The conflict is not just in the world around Arena, but also…

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