Ever the Pseudo-linguist…. Part Two


End's Shadow Caste

Cave_paintingsFor all the articles about language in proto-humans I’ve seen little about visual communication. My research time is most often dedicated to immediate needs. This specific topic is a hobby. I’m certain I’m not the authority on this subject, nor have I read every study on it. Still my point stands. It seems there is little consideration by linguists on the subject of cave paintings. Cave paintings would have influenced the development of the communication of complex ideas.

As far as I can see, the study of early language refers to sounds made by the mouth. Even if we include sign language in that definition, it seems short sighted. I definitely consider language to include all visual information.

Visual storytelling has been around longer than… well, just about everything. If you look at the origins of the letters of the english alphabet they were pictures at one time. The same is true for other languages. Those images…

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