Dodo Roadshow: RAMM

Oxford University Museum of Natural History dodo roadshow.

More Than A Dodo

RAMM passenger pigeon 850pxTo mark our selection as a Finalist in the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2015 we’re embarking on a unique and ambitious tour of the country – the Dodo Roadshow.

Beginning at Land’s End on 8 June and concluding in John O’Groats one week later, the famous Oxford Dodo will visit more than 20 museums and galleries along the way. At each stop the Dodo will ‘interview’ one of the venue’s star objects.

RAMM: Passenger Pigeon

RAMM pigeonSo, tell me about yourself – who are you and where do you come from?
I am a passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) from North America. I have lived at RAMM since 1865 – that’s 150 years this year!

What is it that makes you so special?
When I was alive there were around 3 billion of my kind – passenger pigeons were possibly once the world’s most numerous bird. But in 1914 the last…

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