Dreams Come True…


End's Shadow Caste

Zooooooooomm!  I’m setting everything onto the fast track this week. I want to publish in the neighborhood of 117 days from now. The 31st of August ready to launch the first wednesday of September, on the 2nd. I like to get really specific when I set a goal. It helps me stick to them. It makes them tangible.

Until now I’ve basically been relying on waking suddenly in the night and scribbling out a magical page while half conscious and drooling. No kidding, I have on more than one occasion uttered a snore while drawing. This is one I did a few nights ago, around three am-ish. I was almost asleep. I had been up late working on other stuff, okay doing my taxes at the last minute. Lighting flashes inside my head. I’m dragging my two tonne drawing hand to the desk across the room. Yes, like a caveman…

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