Determination: 1, Brain Breaking Image: 0…. Part 3….

End of Shadow castle

End's Shadow Caste

The final installation…

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That ‘dog-pile-of-houses’ is going almost as well as expected. Better, in the sense that I’ve been able to make a few dozen different components so far this week.  Also, it’s great that they’re relatively easy to assemble into unique combinations.

Magistrate's Den Draft compilation draft 2 A portion of the raw architecture of the Downfall, as seen from the second story balcony of the Magistrate’s Den. This section reaches more than half way to that back  mottled grey wall, and only a quarter of it’s hight. It will be expanded to reach  the current, temporary ridge line. All the comforts of home, like tarps, cooking fires, tools, and plants, etc. will be added only on the final artwork.

Support posts Can you spot this in the other picture? I’m secretly hoping not, but I think better of you than that.

The biggest challenge is that my models get so…

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