Determination: 1, Brain Breaking Image: 0…. Part 1….

Meghann Doyle

End's Shadow Caste

I’ve shown you a couple of the building façades I’ve created. With a selection of different pieces, I’ll patch together the sky line, and the narrow streets, the market squares. A few unique tweaks and nudges to them is all it will take to make the structures varied enough to create a believable cityscape.

No part of the city will be convincing enough for me without a dramatic center. The Magistrate’s Den has given me grief. I’ve tried drawing it countless times. It’s time to tackle it again. So far, so good.

This week’s progress still looks too tidy to be the heart of the Downfall. In order to build the shattered remains of a building, I needed to begin with what I’m calling the “historical model”. I’m creating the buildings as they would exist before the war and decay set in. Then I can remove walls, shift them, crack them and lean…

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