5 Things You Never Knew About Dyspraxia

the codpast

The Codpast

Words by Rosie Edmondson.

Most people know what dyslexia is, but many don’t understand what dyspraxia is, and up to 50% of people with dyslexia also have dyspraxia, such as myself. It’s important that people are aware of dyspraxia and the impacts and positivity it can have on day to day life, many things people just simply take for granted.


Dyslexia mainly affects how people see written words either by reading, spelling, writing or a mixture of all 3. A lot of people also have memory difficulties and struggle with organisation and time keeping. Dyspraxia affects hand-eye co-ordination, special awareness (how your body is in space), fine and gross motor skills, processing information and some people can struggle with sensory overload. Some traits overlap both conditions; organisation, memory, time keeping and processing information. They also share positive side effects such as thinking outside of the box, creativity and being…

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