#WorldBookDay Who Are You Reading For?

oh i want too dress up for world book day as Paddington Bear!

Rebecca Bradley

It’s World Book Day today. If you’re on social media, you really might have noticed. There are tweets and Facebook posts with photos of kids in the guise of their favourite bookish characters and just lots of hashtags going on. My youngest is going to school as Paddington Bear. His favourite characters now all wear jeans and t-shirts as he’s older and reads books designed for his age group and he didn’t want to just go to school as himself so he’s having some fun.

And that’s what reading is all about. Having fun. It’s not a job or a chore. It’s a pleasure, a pastime. Fun. Yet, so often I see people pushing themselves through books they’re not enjoying and I wonder why. There are so  many books out there. We all talk about the length of our to-be-read lists and yet readers persist in pushing on with books…

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